.Cayman Islands.

     The week before Christmas my family and I traveled to the Cayman Islands for a much needed vacation! After much snorkeling, drinking of rum and beach time magazine reading we were all well rested and ready to face the holidays!
                           Enjoying some rum spiked juice before dinner!

    Clear water and prepping for snorkeling!
                                                     Baby sister!                  

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! <3


.Look Ma, I posted.

   I am finally sitting down in front of a computer long enough to write something other than a paper, but unfortunately I will not be posting a full entry. I do have a good reason for my laziness this time though, I am in the Cayman Islands for the next week and I have some relaxing island-y things to do!

   However, I will be in Prescott soon enough and that's where I will be composing an update that is a bit more substantial! Until then, Happy Holidays, blog land! xoxoxox A. Joy


.Where did September go?!.

    I absolutely cannot believe it is already almost the middle of October! School is half way done and it has been going really well! I couldn't be happier with test scores and whatnot (thus far!). I hope I can keep my momentum for the last half.
   I have had a few life hiccups recently...including, but not limited to my old apartment complex sending me to collections for an amount they tried to double rent! Long story short...I moved out before my 30 days were up (due to my new apartments instant availability) and I was continuing to pay a pro-rated amount to my old complex. Turns out my landlord had sneakily moved in new tenants and was trying to double dip, most certainly illegal and I caught it! He totally bent over backwards to make it seem as if it was just a simple mistake, that I owed them nothing more and he was so sorry for his confusion. Then 30 days later he turns around and sends me AND my parents (who co-signed) to collections for a bogus amount! BIG NO NO! He is such a monster and a complete chauvinist. He would not respond to any of my threats or phone calls. I unfortunately had to to turn the situation over to my dad,which he got immediately rectified. I was so frustrated and upset that this man thought since I was a single, young gal he could completely pull one over on me! Hopefully he will never do this to any young girl every again! Such a butthole!
   Here's hoping for a happy October! xoxoxoxo



         Hello!! It has been a very, very  busy September for me so far! School is amazing and work is....work.  I am currently sitting at "my"table at the nearest Starbucks about to start some serious homeworking, but decided to take a time out for a little blog action. First off,  I can't believe it's already been three weeks since school started! Time is in a serious hurry and I am NOT.
   This year has gone by too fast and it has been very up and down. Losing my grandma, school starting, and living in central Texas has been all new and difficult. Despite it all, I have really made it a point to try and be as positive as I can about what life has to offer. I think I've done an alright job, but it wasn't always easy (actually, "easy" is probably not the word I would ever choose to describe it).  I think at this point I can finally start talking about the hardest thing, losing grandma, in a way that's healthy. Which, is a really big step for me. I may write about it on here at some point, but I don't know if I am quite there yet.
  Last night I went out for the first time in 2 months with my bff from San Francisco and we spent the night reminiscing over the past. I haven't been back to the city in 2 years and THAT blows my mind. I spent my growing up years there and I wouldn't trade those memories for the world, but I am glad to have moved on with my life. Although slow, progress is progress.
    Sorry this is such a scattered little update, but it is pretty true to the state of mind I'm functioning now a days. Hopefully, I can settle in pretty soon!



.Living in the Dark.

Hey everyone!!
It's been quite awhile with no update! I apologize, but the room mate wanted to see if any better deals came up with the internet providers in Austin. I think I am well over waiting on a deal though and will be getting rehooked up to the outside world this week!
    On another note I am seated at my local Starbucks and I have just now finished 3 hrs of studying and homework for my Arabic course! CRAZY! Oddly enough, I find Arabic a lot easier then the Italian class I took a few semesters ago! Maybe it's a sign that my little brain is on board with what my heart thinks I need to be doing. The only thing that I was confused about was the different dialects. This particular course that I am taking teaches the Egyptian dialect and it barely translates to anything else, so interesting. I can't wait to share more with all of you! Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend! <3
 P.S I'll leave you with a video all about the Arabic alphabet...get into it.


.New Digs.

    Lily and I are movin' and shakin' and packin' and playin'! Posts may become fewer, but I will be back with photos and stories of our cross town jump! Have a wonderful week!


.I Could Live in French Films.

   Thanks to Netflix's instant watch, I have become obsessed with drinking coffee while watching foreign films on my days off. This week I have been transfixed by all things French. One particular movie has really struck and stuck with me even after the credits rolled. The cinematography is out of this world and I love every little grainy detail, line delivery and angle that was chosen by director Christophe Honore.
    La Belle Personne (The Beautiful Person) is about a 16 year old girl named Junie who switches schools mid year after the passing of her Mother. She quickly becomes the most desired girl in her class, but chooses the most quiet and least worldly of all her school mates, Otto Cleves. Despite her choice she meets and instantly falls in love with her Italian teacher, Nemours. Tragedy ensues.
    I think what I loved most was the easy beauty of each and every character. They all wore under styled clothing, featured mops of bed head hair and what looked to be absolutely no make up whatsoever. It was a French fantasy land and I loved it!
   Maybe next week I'll move onto all things Italian!



.Hello Sometimes Sweet Readers!

                                                 Thank you all so much for stopping by!

If you haven't seen my tips for your first tattoo you can read it (here)! Thanks everyone! xoxoxoxoxo



    Life is really starting to fall into place (knock on wood) and I am so grateful! I have found a new apartment, registered for classes and am pursuing a newness in my job! Everything is still a little up in the air, but I have an overall good feeling about it all! I used to fear change in my younger days, but as the days, months and years have marched on, I have too. Embracing change I feel has been one of my greatest 1/4 life achievements!
  One of the most exciting things coming up is the apartment! It is really beautiful and I can't wait to decorate and DIY it to death! I have so many ideas and my Pinterest overfloweth with tutorial after tutorial on lamps, wall inspirations and color palettes. Most addicting site, ever.  If you have one click here to add me. I'd love to see what inspires all of you! I am really pretty new to all of this decorating stuff. Living in San Francisco home wasn't really a "home" it was a place I slept. The city itself was my "home" and I spent most of my energies exploring and enjoying it. Santa Barbara was a whole different story. I decorated my personal space, but I trusted NO ONE with any of my home purchases..slobs. Now in Austin I have the chance to really get into it and I couldn't be more confused and excited.
  With that said, if any of my readers have any inspirational sites or ideas leave me a link or email me your best ideas! Can't wait to hear from all of you!


.Lessons From Lillian.

    Lily is a mere two years old (14 in dog years), but she has taught me so many things since I've known her. I rescued her about a year and half ago and she was not in the best of shape. She had some serious immune issues and was scared of just about anything and everything, but you'd never know that now! She has so much personality and wins everyone over with her crazy antics and over the top love. She keeps me totally grounded and gets me out of the house no matter what! I love her craziness so much I thought I'd share her and her approach in life here on until tomorrow, enjoy!

 1.  When someone is asking you to do something you may not exactly want/need to do...run around in insane circles until they laugh so hard it doesn't matter that you've officially blown them off.

2. If someone just stands there and stares at you with a certain level of fear..bark at them. Why not just finish off what they've clearly started?

3.Treats > meals.

4.  You don't need to touch someone in order to wake them up. All you really have to do is get about 4 in. from their face and stare and stare and STARE. Power of the mind.

5.  Whenever a loved one comes through the door get excited, howl, and dance in circles, because nothing is sweeter then being home with family.

Next week we tackle moving.


.Hot Child in the City.

        Photo source We Heart It
    I have so many things that I need to be doing now that I am back in Austin. School, car stuff and moving are all weighing heavy on the ol' to do list. Despite this, I find myself absolutely dreading going outside to greet the Texas sun and consequently doing a whole lot of nothing. On my precious days off Lily and I just lay around listening to music, watching movies and napping until (like the famous bats of Congress) the sun goes down and we emerge to take a late night walk. My motivation has a temperature tolerance of approximately 88 degrees. Is it September, yet??


.Outfit Details from Feature Post.

                                                                      Photos courtesy of the lovely Danielle Hampton
                     Dress: Anthropologie
                     Shoes: Anthropologie
     I wore this outfit for our amazing ladies' night while I was back home in Prescott, AZ. I had the absolute best time and I will be compiling a post (that will most likely be split into two parts) to barrage all you lovelies out there with a montage of photos!
Have a wonderful day! xoxo


.Lashes and Bones Feature!.

     I am so very excited and feel so special to be featured on my friend Avalon's blog Lashes and Bones! She is such a creative spirit and her blog represents her so well! Enjoy!



                                        Photo: Courtesy of the lovely Danielle Hampton!

                                             Ouch. More on this to come.


.Who Let You Out of Your Tower?!.

       I have a story that really isn't a first or new for me, but ultimately was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. I believe it was a Thursday night and all was as it should be good friends, good drinks and overall good times. The bar was closing and everyone started to head for the door. Everyone including yours truly. I was wearing a fun outfit which included a black skirt, not a take me home now skirt, but a I could meet your mom in this skirt, skirt. As I am walking I feel a rather uncomfortable sensation...someone or something has just grabbed my skirt/what's underneathe it. As I turn to find out what exactly was happening I see him/it/ew that has just committed this act, quasi-god damn it-modo.
    Everyone reading this has just thought, SO? This happens all the time. Unattractive men grab ass. I know this, but here is where my situation is extreme....this is ALL I ever get. Mildly attractive men will buy drinks or something for the group I'm with and most likely will end up talking with one of the other girls. While I will more then likely be groped or attacked by some monster who wants to know if I've had a threesome recently, if I'd like to or if I am feeling a sudden urge to give the "girls" a breath of fresh air. Or better yet if I know that I look just like Jennifer Love Hewitt and que a re-enactment of some box office flop that I've never seen. Why me, Quasi? Why me? I do in fact realize that Quasimodo had a good heart and was a victim, but ultimately Quasi was friend zoned and the girl got her knight. Why am I stuck in the ground hog day of Notre Dame? Someone put these men back in their tower. This girl has had enough.



.Busy Bein' Busy.

    SXSW is over (has been over) and I had way too much fun! I had a great little gal friend who took it upon herself to RSVP me for all the hip kid parties and jesus she kept us busy! Free food, free drinks and free shows! The amazing guy she is seeing is in a band that played quite a few shows during the week and had some artists passes that also helped to get us into a tough one...Perez Hilton. Nerd. I know. I will say this though, they had a free photo booth and that right there had me sold! I will eventually upload our little photo strips, hopefully.
    The city was most definitely over run with hooligans, but I enjoyed running amongst them looking for the next free drink! I did end up paying the price for my actions and ended up sick for two days or so, but I can't complain too much. A little zinc, sleep and vitamin c and I was back no problem!
    This morning was also another local fun day full of hiking, swimming and grilling! Lily is still trying to recover from her crazy antics while out at the green belt today. She was one happy little pup! Although, I am a little out of shape (UGH) and definitely needed a nap straight away upon hitting home. Things are great here in Austin and I can't wait to discover even more!

                                                                    Happy Friday!!


.Gettin' Excited.

                 It's almost SXSW! So many plans for next week! Count down begins!!


.Anthropologie Uncovered.

    One area of Anthro's apparel that sometimes goes overlooked and is sometimes misunderstood is their Lounge wear. I may be a little partial to it seeing as how in my store I am the "specialist" and have free range to merchandise my little room of lovely items, but I really do get behind the product. I always get the question of, "can you wear this out, or is it meant for sleeping?". The way I try to explain it goes as follows: we call it lounge just because it is a little more unstructured and less detailed then the regular apparel in the store, the fabrics are softer and are mostly cotton, but are definitely meant to be worn out! Some are sheer and do need something layered underneath, but the store carries the most beautiful slips and I have made them a staple in my own wardrobe! My main reason for writing this is the upcoming weather and particularly in Austin, SXSW. These chemises are PERFECT for running around town, going to shows and keeping cool in this weather (the pricepoint doesn't hurt either!). Here are some of my favorite pieces right now!

This one I actually just purchased and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I always get really wonderful compliments on it too, but it is pretty much sold out!

  This little chemise is so sweet, but definitely needs something layered underneath!

   I am so excited for this romper to hit stores! It will be perfect for SXSW and definitely a central Texas summer must have!

                                                                                   Happy lounge shopping!


.Life in Austin.

    I love this town. I love this town and I love this town. I have done a lot of outdoorsy type explorations lately, which is very outside my comfort zone , and I have really loved it. Lily and I have made friends with a gal and two schnauzers and the good times are never ending! We all have been going down to the green belt once a week and have truly enjoyed walking the trails and playing around in the aquifer fed pools! So fun!
All is well and good in Austin, but I do have one concern....South By Southwest. What are we getting ourselves into? Everyone at work has their time requested off and everyone who doesn't is just DREADING it all together. I had an idea that it would make the j-o-b a little t-o-u-g-h-e-r, but apparently I'm not seeing the "big picture"....and I'm nervous. As you may or may not know, I work at the Anthropologie here in downtown Austin and it's a big one. We tend to get a ton of locals and repeat customers, which I like, but the impending onslaught of out of towners and newbies is worrisome! Maybe I should create fliers with my "Guide to Retail" from back in November? Oh well it's only a week, right?
    One celebration I am excited about is Texas Independence Day. How great is that day going to be? Being a Texan is a way of life and once you go Texan you can't go back. I can't imagine what an entire day set aside to celebrating that choice is going to be like! I'm sure it will boil down to the two big "B's"..... beer and bbq, but regardless there ain't nothin' wrong with that ya'll! Next paycheck I am buying a camera, so be prepared for an onslaught of photos from the Lone Star state!


.Music for a Slow and Cloudy Day.

                                                            Image "We heart it"

    Here's a little sad, a little happy, a little gloomy, a little light and a lot of hope. Happy listening! <3

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones



.More Favorite Things.

The best gifts come from Mom packages.


. I Got All These Ideas and All This Procrastination Stuff.

I've had all these ideas for posts and features, but of course I have not started working on a single one! Major bummer, get it together and you're that busy kind of wake up call needs to happen here pretty soon. I will be sending out some e-mails for the feature THIS WEEK and I hope to get it all started as soon as possible. I might also do some Anthropologie purchase posts as well. I finally have a pretty commendable dress collection that I may just have to show off a bit! I'm also currently finishing up my home DIY project and that will have to be shared as well. Lots of blogland to attend to! Stay tuned! xoxoxo


.Found My Red.

   Today I found my signature red.It's a little deeper and more matte in person than in the photo, but you get the idea. I tried this particular version from Makeup Forever today on a whim and BOOM it happened when I wasn't even looking for it! True love.


. Home Projects!.

    As I mentioned in my last post, I have decided that 2011 is going to be all about home projects and some serious decorating madness! I've always been a clothes horse and therefore have funneled most of my hard earned funds directly into my closet, but the old ways are dead and now it's all about furniture and DIY refurbishing!
   Yesterday began step one, IKEA! I went determined to find a bed and ended up still falling asleep on this damned air mattress, but I did walk away loaded with great pieces that will keep me busy and inspired. Although I am seriously enjoying this new adventure I will say that Until Tomorrow will not become a design blog, there are enough of those, this is just a fun new side note! I do plan on it becoming a weekly side note with a planned feature that I will be starting soon, soon and sooner.
Until then here are my most recent projects!

One of my favorite parts of Ikea is the "as is" section where there can be trash and treasures all lined up (and put together saving you from obnoxious building directions) that are just waiting for some DIY lovin'. This set of drawers that I plan to use as a night stand was an amazing $10 steal that I am about start redoing!

    I also have recently, through some serious Craigs List scouring, found a fun couch that was in desperate need of an update! This picture is awful, I took it with my cell phone and it's the last remaining pic before I started taking things off (note to self...TAKE PHOTOS).
First step: remove weird  sofa skirt thing...and TADA magically a smidge more modern and a whole lot less country cathy's comfy couch!



.Back Home and a Possible Feature!.

    Back in Austin and enjoying a day off from work! It was good to be back and working, seeing all my lovely girls and restarting my routine. I am still feeling a little sad about leaving family and lifelong friends back in Prescott. This last trip was so relaxing and much needed. I was absolutely dreading the drive back to Austin ( I did it alone) and realized through that experience that there is a pretty good chance that I watch far too many crime shows. I played pretty irrational abduction scenes through my head at each and every stop. I made it though without a single creepy experience, phew!
On another note I cannot believe how fast the years are going. As soon as I turned 18 my life hit fast forward somehow and all I want is a pause button! I try to enjoy each day on it's own, but I can't help to dwell on what is going to happen in the future from time to time. I really am excited, especially this year, to see what my life will end up being. All I can hope for is happiness, but of course there are those other life goals that I am determined to obtain/accomplish. This I believe is my year to do finally start having some of these dreams come true.
So many things need to change this year and one has to be where I invest my hard earned funds....NO MORE CLOTHES. I need to start buying home things furniture, decorating and the like. I have on boarded a couple of Austin "experts" to help me with estate sale-ing and all those other goldmines I have heard occur in this city. I work with a lot of creative interior decorators at work and I need alllllllll the help they can offer! I believe most of it is just a readjustment in thinking. I have no issues with the fact that a dress at Anthro retails for $168 and is worth it, but I refuse to spend more than $100 on a dinette set? WHAT?! Again. it's just going to take a little adjustment of priority! I am considering doing a feature on blogger's favorite spaces to jump start my (and other readers) home creativity! We will see!


.Two Posts in One Day.

Just had to share this amazing birthday present from Jess! It's a 5 year journal that asks the same question for a particular day and I just started it right NOW. Of course it's from Anthropologie and I love it. I really can't wait to look back each year and see how my answers vary! Thanks, Jess!

Farewell 2010 and hello to 2011!.

I spent last night ringing in the New Year so very different than I ever have before! My Mom has always told me that however you are when the clock strikes 12 is how you will be all year (sort of a don't make that face or it'll stick thing). I have never truly believed in it all until 2008...long story, but it stuck with me. So, last night I was sober, surrounded by family and laughing through a game of Pictionary. It may not sound like much, but I was happy. Truly just happy. I fixed a fight with a long term friend just in the nick of time and I was content. I really hope that this year reflects just that!
In the spirit of happiness and contentment I have made the resolution to take out all the negativity and selfishness from my life, both in my self and those around me. I know it's going to be a growing year, a different year and hopefully my year! I can feel that things are really changing and I can't wait to meet all the new a wonderful things that 2011 has to offer. It's going to be a good one!

CRAZY 3 ft icicle from the side of our house made for a fun picture op!

Have a wonderful year!