.Cayman Islands.

     The week before Christmas my family and I traveled to the Cayman Islands for a much needed vacation! After much snorkeling, drinking of rum and beach time magazine reading we were all well rested and ready to face the holidays!
                           Enjoying some rum spiked juice before dinner!

    Clear water and prepping for snorkeling!
                                                     Baby sister!                  

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! <3


.Look Ma, I posted.

   I am finally sitting down in front of a computer long enough to write something other than a paper, but unfortunately I will not be posting a full entry. I do have a good reason for my laziness this time though, I am in the Cayman Islands for the next week and I have some relaxing island-y things to do!

   However, I will be in Prescott soon enough and that's where I will be composing an update that is a bit more substantial! Until then, Happy Holidays, blog land! xoxoxox A. Joy