.New Digs.

    Lily and I are movin' and shakin' and packin' and playin'! Posts may become fewer, but I will be back with photos and stories of our cross town jump! Have a wonderful week!


.I Could Live in French Films.

   Thanks to Netflix's instant watch, I have become obsessed with drinking coffee while watching foreign films on my days off. This week I have been transfixed by all things French. One particular movie has really struck and stuck with me even after the credits rolled. The cinematography is out of this world and I love every little grainy detail, line delivery and angle that was chosen by director Christophe Honore.
    La Belle Personne (The Beautiful Person) is about a 16 year old girl named Junie who switches schools mid year after the passing of her Mother. She quickly becomes the most desired girl in her class, but chooses the most quiet and least worldly of all her school mates, Otto Cleves. Despite her choice she meets and instantly falls in love with her Italian teacher, Nemours. Tragedy ensues.
    I think what I loved most was the easy beauty of each and every character. They all wore under styled clothing, featured mops of bed head hair and what looked to be absolutely no make up whatsoever. It was a French fantasy land and I loved it!
   Maybe next week I'll move onto all things Italian!



.Hello Sometimes Sweet Readers!

                                                 Thank you all so much for stopping by!

If you haven't seen my tips for your first tattoo you can read it (here)! Thanks everyone! xoxoxoxoxo



    Life is really starting to fall into place (knock on wood) and I am so grateful! I have found a new apartment, registered for classes and am pursuing a newness in my job! Everything is still a little up in the air, but I have an overall good feeling about it all! I used to fear change in my younger days, but as the days, months and years have marched on, I have too. Embracing change I feel has been one of my greatest 1/4 life achievements!
  One of the most exciting things coming up is the apartment! It is really beautiful and I can't wait to decorate and DIY it to death! I have so many ideas and my Pinterest overfloweth with tutorial after tutorial on lamps, wall inspirations and color palettes. Most addicting site, ever.  If you have one click here to add me. I'd love to see what inspires all of you! I am really pretty new to all of this decorating stuff. Living in San Francisco home wasn't really a "home" it was a place I slept. The city itself was my "home" and I spent most of my energies exploring and enjoying it. Santa Barbara was a whole different story. I decorated my personal space, but I trusted NO ONE with any of my home purchases..slobs. Now in Austin I have the chance to really get into it and I couldn't be more confused and excited.
  With that said, if any of my readers have any inspirational sites or ideas leave me a link or email me your best ideas! Can't wait to hear from all of you!


.Lessons From Lillian.

    Lily is a mere two years old (14 in dog years), but she has taught me so many things since I've known her. I rescued her about a year and half ago and she was not in the best of shape. She had some serious immune issues and was scared of just about anything and everything, but you'd never know that now! She has so much personality and wins everyone over with her crazy antics and over the top love. She keeps me totally grounded and gets me out of the house no matter what! I love her craziness so much I thought I'd share her and her approach in life here on until tomorrow, enjoy!

 1.  When someone is asking you to do something you may not exactly want/need to do...run around in insane circles until they laugh so hard it doesn't matter that you've officially blown them off.

2. If someone just stands there and stares at you with a certain level of fear..bark at them. Why not just finish off what they've clearly started?

3.Treats > meals.

4.  You don't need to touch someone in order to wake them up. All you really have to do is get about 4 in. from their face and stare and stare and STARE. Power of the mind.

5.  Whenever a loved one comes through the door get excited, howl, and dance in circles, because nothing is sweeter then being home with family.

Next week we tackle moving.


.Hot Child in the City.

        Photo source We Heart It
    I have so many things that I need to be doing now that I am back in Austin. School, car stuff and moving are all weighing heavy on the ol' to do list. Despite this, I find myself absolutely dreading going outside to greet the Texas sun and consequently doing a whole lot of nothing. On my precious days off Lily and I just lay around listening to music, watching movies and napping until (like the famous bats of Congress) the sun goes down and we emerge to take a late night walk. My motivation has a temperature tolerance of approximately 88 degrees. Is it September, yet??


.Outfit Details from Feature Post.

                                                                      Photos courtesy of the lovely Danielle Hampton
                     Dress: Anthropologie
                     Shoes: Anthropologie
     I wore this outfit for our amazing ladies' night while I was back home in Prescott, AZ. I had the absolute best time and I will be compiling a post (that will most likely be split into two parts) to barrage all you lovelies out there with a montage of photos!
Have a wonderful day! xoxo


.Lashes and Bones Feature!.

     I am so very excited and feel so special to be featured on my friend Avalon's blog Lashes and Bones! She is such a creative spirit and her blog represents her so well! Enjoy!



                                        Photo: Courtesy of the lovely Danielle Hampton!

                                             Ouch. More on this to come.