.Lost Compass.

I got the itch again, that get me out of here, I need to move itch. It happens more often then than not and causes me to spend a lot of time controlling the urge to pack up and never look back. I have no idea what I'm looking for, and I use that as my main argument against these nomadic urges. If you don't know what you're looking for, then why go look for it? Stay here and let it find you. That has yet to happen and my patience wears thin quickly, but I continue to wait. It never found me in San Francisco and Santa Barbara is shaping up to be the same story; where is " it"?
School definitely helps, it keeps me grounded and creates an obligation to an established life, but that backfires occasionally and makes the urge to leave even harder to handle. I feel that there are answers, but I can't define the questions.
I may not know where I'm going or why, but I do know what I hope for. I hope to never hurt like that ever again, and I wish every night at the same time that it's not slowly taking steps to recurring, my own personal nightmare. I do not want to perpetuate the cycle, I let it end, but it found it's way. Now, I do not know what I'm doing again.
This is silly, to worry so much about days to come, it is not in my control and to worry is so counter productive. But, I still will wish every night that this is different.


.Everyone Loves a Story with a Moral.

I wrote this while sitting on my fire escape in the grand San Francisco tenderloin. I miss it, so here it is.

spending time...
I've been spending a lot of time on a mode of escape with a bird with one leg. I never noticed it only had one leg until one day, with no specific reason. She's always there though, it's always the crippled ones that stick around.
I smoke a cigarette, (something recently picked up again and even more recently ended), and she turns her head in the weirdest ways. Maybe the smell bothers her too.
She had babies, they lived in a planter outside my window. Then some asshole blew them off the side of a building with a power washer, and they died. She seems OK though. But, maybe she should pick up smoking just in case.
Iguess the moral of the bird is this:
someone may take your legs out from under you, something close to you may suddenly be gone and some asshole could make it hard to breathe, but you'll find an escape.

Fast foward to present.....
I no longer have a fire escape, a bird with one leg and inspiration to write from. Life is different now. I made the final great escape and left that city with the genetically crippled bird population; I tipped my hat to my feathered friend's way of life and flew south for the winter. Some might say it was for the better, some might say that foggy city was where I fit in best. I guess birds of a feather don't always flock together. The way I saw it was, my personal Eco system had disintegrated and a new predator that I couldn't shake was always on my tail. It's name was memories, and he followed me every where I went, taking a chunk of my heart out with each restaurant, street corner, and crosswalk he and I had been together. I realized, I wasn't in the best place for myself; I needed more than just surviving the day to day, I needed to evolve.
I stick out in my new habitat, I still wear the camouflage of my previous domain. It draws attention, but memories isn't here, he hasn't caught my tracks and migrated...yet. Like in most nature shows, he will, that's what makes him a predator. But, I've evolved and I think I've got some new tricks up my sleeve.


.Being Sensitive.

I've been extremely sensitive to my surroundings for the past week! It's so frustrating when you can't get out of your head and stop over analyzing stupid shit. I have so much going on right now school wise that it makes it even more upsetting that I can't get my head back out of the clouds. But, for me it's that time of year, fall and the hell-idays.....money becomes annoying, trying to get time off and feeling lonely without a soul in this new place. I'm complaining a lot, I know, it's bad. I just dread the upcoming weeks in the most unhealthy way imaginable. Next week after this last midterm I'm hoping Amber doom and gloom passes without a trace. Here's hoping!

I do however love the little brown and white dog that is sleeping on my leg at the moment, she is an angel and gets me through the day. Best thing I have done this far in life is adopt her, I am convinced!! She is always so thrilled to see people and is the best spooner I've ever had!

Good night, I'm going to dream my way into a great PMA!!


.and then..and then...and then.

This past week has been a busy one! Midterms took over my life and then I took a trip up to San Francisco to surprise one of my best friends for her 25th birthday! It was a ton of fun, but in the Amber and Chelsea fashion we took zero photos. Silly girls. Regardless, it was amazing to be back in the city, I love it, still. It's always been an intense love affair, love..hate..love. Love the people, hate the street kids, love the food, hate the expenses...etc.
I mentioned in a previous entry that a "friend" has reappeared back in my life, I'm currently still on the fence about this matter. Is it even worth trying this hard to repair something I lived just fine without for 9 months? That is a long period of time and things can change, I think I have changed. I desired the friendship while it was absent, but now that it's back I am reminded of all the crazy shit that comes with it. I'm never one for packaged deals. Although, I must point out, most of the crazy shit...is me. This part of my life is such a juncture, so many forks in the road, and I never seem to know which is the way to go.


.Wearing More, Wearing Out.

Look at me in a scarf and cardigan! I normally hate colder weather, but this year I was looking forward to it! I have a feeling this is as cold as it gets here too, so not to much to dread as far as winter goes!
It's been a long week, midterms are on the horizon, as well as my huge research paper. Beyond school and homework last week had an interesting surprise, a good friend of mine decided that holding out wasn't appealing anymore. I had come to this conclusion many moons ago, but it is a relief that he is now on the same page. We have known each other long enough that the conversation was just like normal, a really comforting thing; and to know that he is alive and as well as can be is a huge weight off my shoulders.
People come and go, and sometimes they go and then return.
This weekend I am surprising another friend, no details, but it should be amazing!
On the home front, everything has calmed down, threatening neighbor and her scary sniper boyfriend, have moved. The cheating room mate has been buying me cupcakes and offering beer as a means of peace, but I'm still cynical. Work has been good, anthro is a really hard on the wallet, but a great place to work so far.
On that note I am off to the library for some one on one time with Anne Boleyn, wish me luck on developing this thesis!


.You Look Good to Me.

Today was a good day, I accomplished a lot! I still have a thesis to narrow down, 12 page paper to compose and a midterm next week, but I feel good! I am back to my old/real self a little rough around the edges, a little untrusting and extremely self sufficient. I feel happier, I feel like me again! I feel so much better saying good-bye to that "walk all over me" saccharine, sickening sweetness. Not the best point of view I'm sure, but with this crazy lot I've been blessed with, it's the best I can do.
I'm back into the swing of things catching up on homework and eliminating unnecessary time wasters. It still would be nice to have at least one person here in SB that I felt comfortable around, but I'm not letting it get me down. Who needs friends when you've got...midterms?
Danielle, the bargain hunter, found tickets for $48 one way! It would be amazing to have her positive outlook around for a few days; maybe she can help me to desire to be nice again!
Alright blog-land back to reading and writing! Good night