.and then..and then...and then.

This past week has been a busy one! Midterms took over my life and then I took a trip up to San Francisco to surprise one of my best friends for her 25th birthday! It was a ton of fun, but in the Amber and Chelsea fashion we took zero photos. Silly girls. Regardless, it was amazing to be back in the city, I love it, still. It's always been an intense love affair, love..hate..love. Love the people, hate the street kids, love the food, hate the expenses...etc.
I mentioned in a previous entry that a "friend" has reappeared back in my life, I'm currently still on the fence about this matter. Is it even worth trying this hard to repair something I lived just fine without for 9 months? That is a long period of time and things can change, I think I have changed. I desired the friendship while it was absent, but now that it's back I am reminded of all the crazy shit that comes with it. I'm never one for packaged deals. Although, I must point out, most of the crazy shit...is me. This part of my life is such a juncture, so many forks in the road, and I never seem to know which is the way to go.


  1. yes usualy there are many forks in the road of life. you never know which way to go. so you just take one and if its the harder one oh well youll get throught the ups down scraps bruises and sunshine

  2. It's so funny because your other best friend takes sooo many photos haha. We all need to hang out together soon too. Rendezvous in Prescott?

    Anyway, about your "friend" back in your life...I do feel like you've changed. Sometimes we realize that we deserve more than what we've had all along. As we get older, we desire deeper friendships with people we love, and if people don't pull their weight, it's almost as if the briefness of life tells us to move on, they're not worth it. Again, that may not be the case in this situation but I do think you've grown a lot and perhaps you have grown away from wanting to deal with any sort of bs, as you spoke about up there. Regardless, I love you. I think you are the best person and friend in the whole wide world and life will smile down at you, even though right now it's kind of making a weird winky confused face. Smiles will come.

  3. a weird winky confused face. I LOVE you Danielle, you're the smiley face! <3

  4. The fact that you have to put the word friend in quotations should say something. A friend doesn't put you through crazy shit. A friend doesn't shift the blame to make you feel like you're the cause of the crazy shit. Yes, people do change, but don't forget that some people, don't. 9 months isn't that long. If you've changed you wouldn't put up with the bullshit and lies that come with this "friendship."