.Being Sensitive.

I've been extremely sensitive to my surroundings for the past week! It's so frustrating when you can't get out of your head and stop over analyzing stupid shit. I have so much going on right now school wise that it makes it even more upsetting that I can't get my head back out of the clouds. But, for me it's that time of year, fall and the hell-idays.....money becomes annoying, trying to get time off and feeling lonely without a soul in this new place. I'm complaining a lot, I know, it's bad. I just dread the upcoming weeks in the most unhealthy way imaginable. Next week after this last midterm I'm hoping Amber doom and gloom passes without a trace. Here's hoping!

I do however love the little brown and white dog that is sleeping on my leg at the moment, she is an angel and gets me through the day. Best thing I have done this far in life is adopt her, I am convinced!! She is always so thrilled to see people and is the best spooner I've ever had!

Good night, I'm going to dream my way into a great PMA!!