.Living in the Dark.

Hey everyone!!
It's been quite awhile with no update! I apologize, but the room mate wanted to see if any better deals came up with the internet providers in Austin. I think I am well over waiting on a deal though and will be getting rehooked up to the outside world this week!
    On another note I am seated at my local Starbucks and I have just now finished 3 hrs of studying and homework for my Arabic course! CRAZY! Oddly enough, I find Arabic a lot easier then the Italian class I took a few semesters ago! Maybe it's a sign that my little brain is on board with what my heart thinks I need to be doing. The only thing that I was confused about was the different dialects. This particular course that I am taking teaches the Egyptian dialect and it barely translates to anything else, so interesting. I can't wait to share more with all of you! Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend! <3
 P.S I'll leave you with a video all about the Arabic alphabet...get into it.