.Thanksgiving You a Hard Time.

Thanksgiving was an interesting celebration here at 315. It started out mimosa lovely, somewhere in the middle a serious feminist argument gone wrong and ended on a wonderful espresso concoction. I baked a pumpkin pie and my all time favorite green been casserole, and room mate is still expecting money for god knows what. Paying to eat dinner at my own home where I contributed 2 dishes...she is bizarre. She is also the one who screamed at her best friend's boyfriend about how being attached to a penis is a crime....a hate crime...or something. I wasn't really listening, but I can tell you sociologists argue on the side of "who the fuck cares" whenever they can or can't for that matter. He yelled back, bless his heart, entirely in vain about refusing to stay here or some shit, he felt "judged"...poor guy. I laughed, drank espresso and bummed a cancer stick off of some passerby, while this poor man was shamed into apologizing for his gender. Funny.

Other than that, Finals in a week and then I believe Ms. Lily and I will be riding with Adie back home for Christmas! I am so excited for the road trip and the fact that we will finally be home at exactly the same time! Christmas is going to be great this year, I can just feel it. Over that break I will also be turning 23...23...I'm not sure this is what I had planned for myself at 23...but it is what it is.


.Not Quite How I Saw It.

Sitting in the airport on my way home. I absolutely cannot wait to see little Lily!

The trip was not exactly how I planned it, but I enjoyed it either way. Being home amongst family and friends made everything worth while. I even proved to myself this trip what 9 months can do for a person, dries those feelings right up. I'm definitely not the same person I was in December of last year, thank my lack of god. Although, I must be honest, I didn't walk away completely unscathed. I don't think you could call me human if I had. Now it's back to school for the last 2.5 weeks and focusing on not only what is important, but what is certain. I am certainly ready for what is certain.

Disappointment is unpleasant, but the sun still came up and life never stops. There are no time-outs, no passes and never a re-do, but that's OK with me now. Everything is OK.


.2 days.

Two days to go until I am back in my home with my best friend. I wasn't extremely excited until I chatted with her today about plans to hang out, she's a planner too, and it makes things go oh, so smoothly! She is such a peach and has made my whole week by saying she will stay up with me on a SCHOOL NIGHT! I don't care if everything else about the trip explodes, my bestie will be there and that is what matters!
Speaking of school nights, my teacher informed me that my Anne Boleyn research paper I worked on for months has indeed received a perfect score! Not only that, but she also said it was one of the best papers that she has ever had the pleasure of reading. I walked out of that classroom beaming and overjoyed! So nerdy but when you put in that amount of effort it feels amazing when it pays off!
School is going well and my trip is coming up, everything is great. Although, I'm still very nervous about reuniting with an old friend. I hate change so much, but I can feel that there has been a tremendous shift just with me. I am such a worrier by nature. I'm sure it will be fine and I'm keeping expectations out of my mind, but there's just that little thought every now and then.
Everything will be great!
Everything will be great!
Everything will be great!!!


.4 days!.

I cannot believe how fast November is going, it makes me both happy and sad at the same time.

I leave for Prescott in 4 days and I have some stuff I need to wrap up before that happens. The more I've grown up the more I realize how much I have to plan to feel good about things. My planner is always full and with the smallest things,"Fly Home, remember to check in online, you leave at 12:40, pack pajamas" and thats just part of whats written for that day! I am absolutely not good at the whole "flying by the seat of your pants" movement that my generation loves so much, I need spontaneity, but it gives me anxiety! Then again all these traits come straight from my lovely Mom and I love when I do something that she would do so I don't feel an urge to change it. One of my favorites is how she would get the suitcases out probably 1.5 weeks before the actual trip and proceed to pack them so carefully throughout the whole time span(that I don't do, I pack the night before and like she always warns me I pack FAR to much)! Speaking of Mom, I am so excited to see her I could burst! Living at home over the summer for the first time since I was 18 was so much fun, made me miss being young, and it all made me really miss my Mom. I can cook ok, but not like her and her meals are something I dream about. I have probably 4 recipes I can call go to recipes, but thats about it. None of these recipes include baked goods. I love cooking and hate baking, and strangely enough my two best friends adore baking so it works out!

Alright off to finish my project that I wrote a paragraph about in my planner!


.To Be Family.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the holidays to my family means...war. A constant struggle of who's house, what food and best presents. A true gladiatorial contest of epic proportions and portions. It generally starts around my cousin's birthday November 8th and carries right on through to mine December 27th.
The first battle has already been waged and my Aunt has pulled out the big guns, "we just want to do something with OUR family, no hard feelings." Of course this may only seem like flares, a simple warning, but this declaration comes after staking Thanksgiving territory as her responsibility. Shock waves are felt through the ranks of Grandparents and my own Mother, they retort and bristle with annoyance; imeediately stirring into a frezy. With my Aunt's blockade piggybacking on said cousin's ignorance of the treaties which explicitly outline saying "thank you" for birthday calls and gifts, her side of the family is now...the enemy. Mother and Grandma prepare for war, for with Grandma's new fiancee and looming wedding, sending peace envoys is unlikely.
Old hatchets thought to be buried are hastily dug up and thrust at the enemy, and Grandma plays the ultimate weapon, the "I'm the Mother" card. No movement yet from behind enemy lines, but true to Italian family form, there will be no end without surrender.
Happy F&@*ing Holidays.


.13 Days.

Definitely a weird, wide eyed picture, but that is my new favorite winter time accessory! I work at Anthropologie and 40% off that little number really made my season! Although, I believe it will mostly come in handy while visiting Prescott, where I will be (as seen above) in 13 days!
I have to admit that as I write this I am completely stressing out, I have a paper due on Sunday night at 12 a.m, that I just cannot for the life of me get into. It is in regards to Glaspell's play Trifles, and the assignment is to compare it to gender justice in a modern day movie. That's not all, she also gave us an article doing just that, comparing it to Legally Blonde, as well as two other articles that mostly harp on the idea of feminism in literature. These articles are to be our only sources. First of all I seem to be drawing a blank on movies and in my humble opinion I really don't find the characters in Trifles to be all that inspiring in regards to women's rights. They keep a secret from their husbands on behalf of a friend.....SO. I do that everyday, and women have done that for each other for centuries, it wasn't what got us out of the kitchen. In reality, of all the triumphs for the fairer sex, with holding information from men doesn't strike me as revolutionary...as I said we've done it for centuries. I also have another question, why do women in literature and film always have to be straddled with feminism? Don't get me wrong now, I see myself as independent and in no way do I need a man to guide me through life, but I also don't feel it necessary to label myself. So ladies, why are we so quick to slap on the feminist cause to each of our fictional females, when most of the time, they really don't deserve it? and how on earth am I going to support that notion through 6 pages?!?


.15 days.

I can not wait to see my Roo in 15 days! I can not wait for our walks, talks and giggles. I can not wait to be in a place where people don't associate someone with a different "look" to Amy Winehouse( boo on you Santa Barbarians). I can not wait to see and hug my family. I can not wait to visit Sundances and laugh my heart out. I can not wait to take 10 million pictures with my lovely Danielle! I can not wait to wake up late and not have to go to class. I can not wait to feel the Fall weather that this beach town lacks. I can not wait for mom-cooked meals. I can not wait.

However, I am so nervous that I can't think about it to much.