.To Be Family.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the holidays to my family means...war. A constant struggle of who's house, what food and best presents. A true gladiatorial contest of epic proportions and portions. It generally starts around my cousin's birthday November 8th and carries right on through to mine December 27th.
The first battle has already been waged and my Aunt has pulled out the big guns, "we just want to do something with OUR family, no hard feelings." Of course this may only seem like flares, a simple warning, but this declaration comes after staking Thanksgiving territory as her responsibility. Shock waves are felt through the ranks of Grandparents and my own Mother, they retort and bristle with annoyance; imeediately stirring into a frezy. With my Aunt's blockade piggybacking on said cousin's ignorance of the treaties which explicitly outline saying "thank you" for birthday calls and gifts, her side of the family is now...the enemy. Mother and Grandma prepare for war, for with Grandma's new fiancee and looming wedding, sending peace envoys is unlikely.
Old hatchets thought to be buried are hastily dug up and thrust at the enemy, and Grandma plays the ultimate weapon, the "I'm the Mother" card. No movement yet from behind enemy lines, but true to Italian family form, there will be no end without surrender.
Happy F&@*ing Holidays.


  1. Families, esp extended can sometimes SUCK! Sorry! I hope things smooth over for you & you can enjoy the holidays!

  2. lol sounds like my family to. my aunts and uncle all fight over who will hold christmas. my parents get into it to. then when thats settled some people try to get there presents to be better than every one elses. yeah thats fun the people getting mad at each other and everyone yelling. thats what it used to be when grandma was alive anyway. now weve all gone our seprate ways. my parents hold it for my sisters me and there kids while other family members hold it for there family to. thats the way it is since grandma died. we still get together on thanksgiveing usualy. my aunt peggy has always held thanksgiveing and the hole family goes there then.that can be nice. although usualy a couple of family members get in a yelling screaming argument.yeah irish tempers are big in my family.thats the way it s christmas with my sisters my mom dad me there kids and my one sisters husband. dad or mom or someone will get mad at someone and there will be an argument in the middle of dinner or opening presents. yeah this is a common aurance everytime we get together there being a huge fight over something.but my neice scarlet will be one years old this december and then its her second christmas but the first one shell be able to get exited and want to open the stuff and not sleep all the time like her first one. she was only a week old her first christmas. she slept through the entire thing. thats what is exiting the entire family this year is how shell react. anymore we are glad we have abigail and scarlett cuse abigail is 6 and scarlet is so little. the other two arent that young and christmas is fun but you know they arent all santa came and all that cuse there both teenagers. i think christmas is more fun when there are little kids to celebrate it with. i can barley belive christmas is almost here. man this year has gone by quickly. way to quickly if you ask me.anyway i wish you the merryest of christmas and happyest of the rest of the holidays