.2 days.

Two days to go until I am back in my home with my best friend. I wasn't extremely excited until I chatted with her today about plans to hang out, she's a planner too, and it makes things go oh, so smoothly! She is such a peach and has made my whole week by saying she will stay up with me on a SCHOOL NIGHT! I don't care if everything else about the trip explodes, my bestie will be there and that is what matters!
Speaking of school nights, my teacher informed me that my Anne Boleyn research paper I worked on for months has indeed received a perfect score! Not only that, but she also said it was one of the best papers that she has ever had the pleasure of reading. I walked out of that classroom beaming and overjoyed! So nerdy but when you put in that amount of effort it feels amazing when it pays off!
School is going well and my trip is coming up, everything is great. Although, I'm still very nervous about reuniting with an old friend. I hate change so much, but I can feel that there has been a tremendous shift just with me. I am such a worrier by nature. I'm sure it will be fine and I'm keeping expectations out of my mind, but there's just that little thought every now and then.
Everything will be great!
Everything will be great!
Everything will be great!!!

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