.Banned from Real Life.

I had the opportunity to see the original line up of the legends of Bad Brains come together and play at The Mohawk here in Austin. I was well aware that H.R was no longer that kind of front man, but to see him moving in slow mo and not speaking real words...woah. Drugs are bad. Real bad. It was comical watching him speak to his imaginary friend behind a speaker, while wearing his bullet proof vest. Their set went 2 punk then 2 reggae and back again. It was so funny to see the kids really unsure what to do after The Regulator stopped and "jah la la looooo oooolooo (??)" started. The band was there, though it was just H.R. who is now a puppet who blows kisses every 2 minutes that was hard to watch. Over all though, it was enjoyable and I can't complain that I had the opportunity to hear those legendary tunes played by the originals...live.


.Happy Days are Here Again.

Everything has been going a little more my way..baby steps, but steps non the less. I tend to feel very up and down. I have very rarely in my life felt "content" and/or "happy" for extended periods of time. I have been trying my best to figure out why that is and to change it. It's been a bit of an uphill battle, seeing as how uprooting your life can make a process of finding contentment a little more out of reach. I am not even sure contentment is what I want, but I'd like to feel something like it. My tactics have been to really reach out and meet new people, exploring my new surroundings and trying new things. New, new and more new. It's all really working so far and I can feel myself letting go of the old, old and old. It's just taking time and all I got is time.


.Most Interesting Party in the World.

Dos Equis, yes the beer, has been traveling around the world throwing parties with a fabulous front man! A co worker of mine and myself had the honor to be present at such a night with host Andrew W.K. A friend told me that Austin is a tough place to play because the populace is "jaded" from all the live music, really I just think they don't know why they are where they are. I didn't talk to one person, in line or inside, who even had a clue as to who Andrew W.K. even was. I have a feeling this happens often, these people just go to shows because that's the scene, that's what you are "supposed" to do in the "live music capital of the world". Either way, it worked out in our favor as we were easily capable of securing a front row spot.. right in front of the stairs. Let's just say, I got a hug from Andrew himself and it was well worth going!


.Fix My Head.

Lately I've been greeted in the morning with an absolute splitting headache! I guess it would be categorized officially as a migraine. It gets so bad I don't even want to breathe! I just lay there with a bag of ice at the back of my neck trying not to puke from the pain. The only fix is caffeine. Which is great except the overdosing on coffee leads straight to anxiety town. What a disaster I am! Trading one demon for another. They only last about 2 hrs though..which is not so bad in the scheme of things.
Today has been a good one so far, I started out with coffee and Fargo and now I'm having lunch with a sandwich and The Big Lebowski. It's beautiful outside and I couldn't ask for a better headache free afternoon! Work is also going really well and that is such a weight off my shoulders! Austin is looking up and looking great!