Burma Shave Poem #30356

I came to this town

When nothing could get me down

I was met with a frown

and a sad story from a sad clown

All I could say was 3 days and I'm homeward bound.

Three days later and there's something I found

This is just what I needed and the dynamic is profound

It's not what I thought, it's so much more

Friendship and stories galore

Take the place of the common whore

Now towards friendship, I'll look for what's in store.


.Amber Joy is Grandpa Pants Central.

As of recently I have decided that anything with a drop crotch is my new best friend. I am fully aware of this atrocity and exactly how unattractive these sorts of things tend to be. I also swear that if I ever am listed as anything but single I will hide them away forever, but as for now grandpa pants it is! I'm not entirely sure where my infatuation began or what made me gravitate towards the ultimate "dumpy butt", but the love affair is a torrid one. I love them until I turn around, basically.
This first one is in the dressing room at Urban Outfitters, this is love at first sight!
These bad boys are my actual "harem pants". I'm silly and crossing my legs here, so you can't really see the full extent of the bagginess. I love them!
I typically pair these pants with very plain shoes, but I am really looking forward to adding some heels into the mix!
On a complete side note, I'm watching The Science of Sleep and it only gets better with the number of times you watch it, exponentially! School is starting to speed up, I'm already facing midterms, papers and woah! My research on female suicide bombers is picking up and the material is truly amazing. The middle east is capturing my heart. I already told my mom that if someone offers me the chance to go to Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan...I'm going.
Goodnight! xoxox