Today is yet another of my relaxing family days that I can never get enough of! We are all seated in our favorite places clicking away at the computers or in my sister's case putting together yet another puzzle. The only difference today is that we are officially snowed in! The city hasn't even really bothered to snow plow the roads and I for one am a-ok with it. I have never liked driving in snow. If by chance while I was in high school I woke up to a white morning I refused to leave the house. I considered it safer just to stay home and watch Oprah.

This trip to Prescott has been amazing! It has been solely about family and close friends. No parties, no drunkeness, and definitely no hangover regretfulness. I prefer it this way. I have become a glass of wine type of girl and I think it's all for the best. I hate self induced headaches and being bombarded with all the "crazy stuff you did/said" last night texts. Gross. Even in Austin I really don't drink at all, because you always have to drive (or at least I do) and I refuse to drive with more than two drinks coursing through. Never more than a healthy buzz for this gal!

Speaking of Austin, I really feel a bittersweet pull towards my new home. For the first time in a long, long time I really feel that I have found somewhere I can stay for a long period of time. I have been really lucky to meet a couple really great girls and that reallly makes all the difference. I have my job to thank for that and honestly I look forward to going back and seeing all the new stuff I've missed out on!

BUT, no rushing home for me. I want to enjoy and soak up every minute in my sweet little hometown!

Happy Thursday! <3



Today was not exactly what I had expected due to an unexpected hospital visit. There was no cake, no celebration and definitely not even a dinner. It could have been one of the worst birthdays, BUT I was lucky enough to spend the last little bit of the day with baby Henry and his lovely mama. They really saved my day and I couldn't be more grateful.
Things have been pretty tough lately with family issues and friend issues weighing me down, down, down. I have tried to stay really positive, but sometimes I just give in and admit that what I am going through is indeed tough and it's ok to cry about it. Losing people is never fun especially when it's family and friends whom you've trusted for ten years. Every now and then I wish I could go back in time, not to change anything no no, but just to relive it. I wish I could go back and have my grandma rub my arm and read me a story all over again. I wish I could hear her laugh and whistle her way through whatever mundane task was at hand. I sure am going to miss her.


.New Friend to Follow!.

I realize that it's not "Follow Friday", but I rarely adhere to such internet guidelines so here is my Follow Tuesday!
This lovely little gal is my new close friend and fellow Anthropologie employee in Austin, Jess! She's a real great lady who is at one of those pivotal points in her life! I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do, I mean who doesn't love a witty, married, tattooed, dog loving little lady?! Her blog is just getting off the ground but I can see great things! CLICK HERE to read her very first entry!


.Another Favorite Thing.

One of my favorite "day off rituals" is drinking fresh coffee out of my ever growing collection of beautiful mugs via Anthro. One of the perks of that job is being able to slowly surround myself with lovely things!

Happy Thursday! <3


.Stuck in Traffic Playlist.

My work schedule is normally 8 a.m-5 p.m. This basically means I hit peak traffic times to and from work each and everyday, and nothing gets me through it like a good play list!

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