.New Friend to Follow!.

I realize that it's not "Follow Friday", but I rarely adhere to such internet guidelines so here is my Follow Tuesday!
This lovely little gal is my new close friend and fellow Anthropologie employee in Austin, Jess! She's a real great lady who is at one of those pivotal points in her life! I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do, I mean who doesn't love a witty, married, tattooed, dog loving little lady?! Her blog is just getting off the ground but I can see great things! CLICK HERE to read her very first entry!


  1. I always meant to ask you...do you know a girl named Rachel at your anthro? She transferred to Austin while I was at the Torrance store :).

  2. I think so! I know a Rachel, but I'm not sure she is from Torrance! You would not believe how many faces and names (esp. with seasonal) that I am trying to remember haha!

  3. Hey girl. Pretty blog. Thanks for sharing her blog! I just read the first few posts. Wow, she has so many interesting things to say.