.Home Sweet Home.

Back home in my small town and I finally am able to find some time to slow down and write. Things have been moving along slowly, but surely. I have found a one bedroom apartment in south Austin and I can't wait to decorate and have a place all to myself. It will be an Anthropologie home for sure, I have already started a nice kitchen collection as well as bedding. Well on my way! I can't wait to explore my new city and most of all to be back in a CITY! I may have been raised small town, but I was born to be in the bright lights and fast pace. I do love to visit the "country" though, and today was nothing but perfect! I got to spend some quality time with the lovely Danielle Hampton and soon to be baby Henry Clarence! We had a great brunch, smoothie and conversation filled afternoon and it really was wonderful to see her. Tonight I will be having coffee with one of the best guys in the whole world and later cocktails with my dearest Adria! Nothing but blue skies, warm weather and great people, I can't complain!
I am truly happier these past two months and I owe that all to a positive outlook and kicking out people I don't need who bring nothing but negativity to my life. As I have grown up I have realized that people more often than not will not change, and that's difficult but sometimes you just have to go your own way. There is nothing wrong with letting go and moving on to beautiful and positive things, you will thank yourself for it!
Hello, new life! I have been waiting!



In four days! I will update then, I swear!