. I Got All These Ideas and All This Procrastination Stuff.

I've had all these ideas for posts and features, but of course I have not started working on a single one! Major bummer, get it together and you're that busy kind of wake up call needs to happen here pretty soon. I will be sending out some e-mails for the feature THIS WEEK and I hope to get it all started as soon as possible. I might also do some Anthropologie purchase posts as well. I finally have a pretty commendable dress collection that I may just have to show off a bit! I'm also currently finishing up my home DIY project and that will have to be shared as well. Lots of blogland to attend to! Stay tuned! xoxoxo


.Found My Red.

   Today I found my signature red.It's a little deeper and more matte in person than in the photo, but you get the idea. I tried this particular version from Makeup Forever today on a whim and BOOM it happened when I wasn't even looking for it! True love.


. Home Projects!.

    As I mentioned in my last post, I have decided that 2011 is going to be all about home projects and some serious decorating madness! I've always been a clothes horse and therefore have funneled most of my hard earned funds directly into my closet, but the old ways are dead and now it's all about furniture and DIY refurbishing!
   Yesterday began step one, IKEA! I went determined to find a bed and ended up still falling asleep on this damned air mattress, but I did walk away loaded with great pieces that will keep me busy and inspired. Although I am seriously enjoying this new adventure I will say that Until Tomorrow will not become a design blog, there are enough of those, this is just a fun new side note! I do plan on it becoming a weekly side note with a planned feature that I will be starting soon, soon and sooner.
Until then here are my most recent projects!

One of my favorite parts of Ikea is the "as is" section where there can be trash and treasures all lined up (and put together saving you from obnoxious building directions) that are just waiting for some DIY lovin'. This set of drawers that I plan to use as a night stand was an amazing $10 steal that I am about start redoing!

    I also have recently, through some serious Craigs List scouring, found a fun couch that was in desperate need of an update! This picture is awful, I took it with my cell phone and it's the last remaining pic before I started taking things off (note to self...TAKE PHOTOS).
First step: remove weird  sofa skirt thing...and TADA magically a smidge more modern and a whole lot less country cathy's comfy couch!



.Back Home and a Possible Feature!.

    Back in Austin and enjoying a day off from work! It was good to be back and working, seeing all my lovely girls and restarting my routine. I am still feeling a little sad about leaving family and lifelong friends back in Prescott. This last trip was so relaxing and much needed. I was absolutely dreading the drive back to Austin ( I did it alone) and realized through that experience that there is a pretty good chance that I watch far too many crime shows. I played pretty irrational abduction scenes through my head at each and every stop. I made it though without a single creepy experience, phew!
On another note I cannot believe how fast the years are going. As soon as I turned 18 my life hit fast forward somehow and all I want is a pause button! I try to enjoy each day on it's own, but I can't help to dwell on what is going to happen in the future from time to time. I really am excited, especially this year, to see what my life will end up being. All I can hope for is happiness, but of course there are those other life goals that I am determined to obtain/accomplish. This I believe is my year to do finally start having some of these dreams come true.
So many things need to change this year and one has to be where I invest my hard earned funds....NO MORE CLOTHES. I need to start buying home things furniture, decorating and the like. I have on boarded a couple of Austin "experts" to help me with estate sale-ing and all those other goldmines I have heard occur in this city. I work with a lot of creative interior decorators at work and I need alllllllll the help they can offer! I believe most of it is just a readjustment in thinking. I have no issues with the fact that a dress at Anthro retails for $168 and is worth it, but I refuse to spend more than $100 on a dinette set? WHAT?! Again. it's just going to take a little adjustment of priority! I am considering doing a feature on blogger's favorite spaces to jump start my (and other readers) home creativity! We will see!


.Two Posts in One Day.

Just had to share this amazing birthday present from Jess! It's a 5 year journal that asks the same question for a particular day and I just started it right NOW. Of course it's from Anthropologie and I love it. I really can't wait to look back each year and see how my answers vary! Thanks, Jess!

Farewell 2010 and hello to 2011!.

I spent last night ringing in the New Year so very different than I ever have before! My Mom has always told me that however you are when the clock strikes 12 is how you will be all year (sort of a don't make that face or it'll stick thing). I have never truly believed in it all until 2008...long story, but it stuck with me. So, last night I was sober, surrounded by family and laughing through a game of Pictionary. It may not sound like much, but I was happy. Truly just happy. I fixed a fight with a long term friend just in the nick of time and I was content. I really hope that this year reflects just that!
In the spirit of happiness and contentment I have made the resolution to take out all the negativity and selfishness from my life, both in my self and those around me. I know it's going to be a growing year, a different year and hopefully my year! I can feel that things are really changing and I can't wait to meet all the new a wonderful things that 2011 has to offer. It's going to be a good one!

CRAZY 3 ft icicle from the side of our house made for a fun picture op!

Have a wonderful year!