.Back Home and a Possible Feature!.

    Back in Austin and enjoying a day off from work! It was good to be back and working, seeing all my lovely girls and restarting my routine. I am still feeling a little sad about leaving family and lifelong friends back in Prescott. This last trip was so relaxing and much needed. I was absolutely dreading the drive back to Austin ( I did it alone) and realized through that experience that there is a pretty good chance that I watch far too many crime shows. I played pretty irrational abduction scenes through my head at each and every stop. I made it though without a single creepy experience, phew!
On another note I cannot believe how fast the years are going. As soon as I turned 18 my life hit fast forward somehow and all I want is a pause button! I try to enjoy each day on it's own, but I can't help to dwell on what is going to happen in the future from time to time. I really am excited, especially this year, to see what my life will end up being. All I can hope for is happiness, but of course there are those other life goals that I am determined to obtain/accomplish. This I believe is my year to do finally start having some of these dreams come true.
So many things need to change this year and one has to be where I invest my hard earned funds....NO MORE CLOTHES. I need to start buying home things furniture, decorating and the like. I have on boarded a couple of Austin "experts" to help me with estate sale-ing and all those other goldmines I have heard occur in this city. I work with a lot of creative interior decorators at work and I need alllllllll the help they can offer! I believe most of it is just a readjustment in thinking. I have no issues with the fact that a dress at Anthro retails for $168 and is worth it, but I refuse to spend more than $100 on a dinette set? WHAT?! Again. it's just going to take a little adjustment of priority! I am considering doing a feature on blogger's favorite spaces to jump start my (and other readers) home creativity! We will see!


  1. So jealous that Austin is your home!
    ...maybe someday.
    peace&love. -your newbie follower


  2. Haha. So true that money is usually spent on things that we want rather than need/want less.

    visions unto myself