. I Got All These Ideas and All This Procrastination Stuff.

I've had all these ideas for posts and features, but of course I have not started working on a single one! Major bummer, get it together and you're that busy kind of wake up call needs to happen here pretty soon. I will be sending out some e-mails for the feature THIS WEEK and I hope to get it all started as soon as possible. I might also do some Anthropologie purchase posts as well. I finally have a pretty commendable dress collection that I may just have to show off a bit! I'm also currently finishing up my home DIY project and that will have to be shared as well. Lots of blogland to attend to! Stay tuned! xoxoxo


  1. haha I'm exactly like you! lots of blog ideas but none have been made yet! I've just started one @ www.carolinedowhatyouwant.blogspot.com

    would be cool if we could follow each other!(i really like your honesty! xcx

  2. Oh I love dresses! So please show them off! Haha!!!