Hello all! I cannot believe it's already almost February! Life really has taken a few turns and things have gotten super busy! Here is a short update on my week so far!

 I had been eying this chair at my store here is Austin, crossing my fingers that it wouldn't sell until it had been marked down enough! Well, my positive thoughts were rewarded...I have a new desk chair!!
                                                           I also made a ridiculously good pizza.

This week, I have also started a nanny job that I am so very excited about! It'll be nice to take a bit of a break from retail a few days a week! Other then that it is business as usual....sleep, eat, school, work and study! Have a good week everyone!! <3


    My vacation is officially over. I am sitting at the Phoenix airport ready to depart to Austin and reality. I am excited to see Lily, but so incredibly sad to say goodbye to the fam. Christmas, my birthday and New Years were all really great! I can't believe it's over, 2012 and that I am 25! CRAZY.
    At the moment I don't exactly have a seat on the flight I am at the gate for, despite paying for it...how does that make sense? U.S Airways hasn't been that great. I am missing Southwest! Also, the Starbucks gal told me she couldn't use my Starbucks reusable cup due to, "sanitary reasons"....WHAT!? Isn't that why you buy the stupid thing? People are nutty....just real nutty sometimes. 
     My mom and I went on a walk this afternoon and she brought up the difference from me in SF to me in Austin. I can feel it too, but it was still great to hear it from someone else. I have become so much more relaxed and less agitated....I am happier.  I still get anxious and antsy...that won't ever go away I don't think, but I have an overall calm about me these days. I believe I can attribute that to a few BIG changes in my life..#1 being ....no more SF rat race. I love that city...I always will, but it can run you ragged and aid in a loss of what should "really" matter in life....just "being" and not "doing".

     I am so happy to be starting out this year on the right foot. Here is to 2012! Happy New Year! <3



.Cayman Islands.

     The week before Christmas my family and I traveled to the Cayman Islands for a much needed vacation! After much snorkeling, drinking of rum and beach time magazine reading we were all well rested and ready to face the holidays!
                           Enjoying some rum spiked juice before dinner!

    Clear water and prepping for snorkeling!
                                                     Baby sister!                  

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! <3


.Look Ma, I posted.

   I am finally sitting down in front of a computer long enough to write something other than a paper, but unfortunately I will not be posting a full entry. I do have a good reason for my laziness this time though, I am in the Cayman Islands for the next week and I have some relaxing island-y things to do!

   However, I will be in Prescott soon enough and that's where I will be composing an update that is a bit more substantial! Until then, Happy Holidays, blog land! xoxoxox A. Joy


.Where did September go?!.

    I absolutely cannot believe it is already almost the middle of October! School is half way done and it has been going really well! I couldn't be happier with test scores and whatnot (thus far!). I hope I can keep my momentum for the last half.
   I have had a few life hiccups recently...including, but not limited to my old apartment complex sending me to collections for an amount they tried to double rent! Long story short...I moved out before my 30 days were up (due to my new apartments instant availability) and I was continuing to pay a pro-rated amount to my old complex. Turns out my landlord had sneakily moved in new tenants and was trying to double dip, most certainly illegal and I caught it! He totally bent over backwards to make it seem as if it was just a simple mistake, that I owed them nothing more and he was so sorry for his confusion. Then 30 days later he turns around and sends me AND my parents (who co-signed) to collections for a bogus amount! BIG NO NO! He is such a monster and a complete chauvinist. He would not respond to any of my threats or phone calls. I unfortunately had to to turn the situation over to my dad,which he got immediately rectified. I was so frustrated and upset that this man thought since I was a single, young gal he could completely pull one over on me! Hopefully he will never do this to any young girl every again! Such a butthole!
   Here's hoping for a happy October! xoxoxoxo



         Hello!! It has been a very, very  busy September for me so far! School is amazing and work is....work.  I am currently sitting at "my"table at the nearest Starbucks about to start some serious homeworking, but decided to take a time out for a little blog action. First off,  I can't believe it's already been three weeks since school started! Time is in a serious hurry and I am NOT.
   This year has gone by too fast and it has been very up and down. Losing my grandma, school starting, and living in central Texas has been all new and difficult. Despite it all, I have really made it a point to try and be as positive as I can about what life has to offer. I think I've done an alright job, but it wasn't always easy (actually, "easy" is probably not the word I would ever choose to describe it).  I think at this point I can finally start talking about the hardest thing, losing grandma, in a way that's healthy. Which, is a really big step for me. I may write about it on here at some point, but I don't know if I am quite there yet.
  Last night I went out for the first time in 2 months with my bff from San Francisco and we spent the night reminiscing over the past. I haven't been back to the city in 2 years and THAT blows my mind. I spent my growing up years there and I wouldn't trade those memories for the world, but I am glad to have moved on with my life. Although slow, progress is progress.
    Sorry this is such a scattered little update, but it is pretty true to the state of mind I'm functioning now a days. Hopefully, I can settle in pretty soon!



.Living in the Dark.

Hey everyone!!
It's been quite awhile with no update! I apologize, but the room mate wanted to see if any better deals came up with the internet providers in Austin. I think I am well over waiting on a deal though and will be getting rehooked up to the outside world this week!
    On another note I am seated at my local Starbucks and I have just now finished 3 hrs of studying and homework for my Arabic course! CRAZY! Oddly enough, I find Arabic a lot easier then the Italian class I took a few semesters ago! Maybe it's a sign that my little brain is on board with what my heart thinks I need to be doing. The only thing that I was confused about was the different dialects. This particular course that I am taking teaches the Egyptian dialect and it barely translates to anything else, so interesting. I can't wait to share more with all of you! Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend! <3
 P.S I'll leave you with a video all about the Arabic alphabet...get into it.