Hello all! I cannot believe it's already almost February! Life really has taken a few turns and things have gotten super busy! Here is a short update on my week so far!

 I had been eying this chair at my store here is Austin, crossing my fingers that it wouldn't sell until it had been marked down enough! Well, my positive thoughts were rewarded...I have a new desk chair!!
                                                           I also made a ridiculously good pizza.

This week, I have also started a nanny job that I am so very excited about! It'll be nice to take a bit of a break from retail a few days a week! Other then that it is business as usual....sleep, eat, school, work and study! Have a good week everyone!! <3


  1. Yay for you updating! Loving seeing these photos again. You are beautiful! <3

  2. that pizza looks good!!


  3. OMG! that chair is to die for <3 hope it makes it to markdown for you :) Adoring your bangs! makes me want to cut mine more thicker now :P Darling little blog you have here.