.Next Step in Life.

So, my time in Santa Barbara will not be long. I have a hard time staying in one place that is overwhelmed by suburbia. Although I was born in a small town the city life is what keeps my heart beating. I am happiest where sirens never stop and the incessant yelling lulls me to sleep. Santa Barbara is too quiet, clean and dead. So, where to next? Well, there it is on the left, Austin, Texas. I am officially applying for transfer to Texas State University in San Marcos, yes...I will be commuting to school. I am willing to undergo this extra distance for the chance to live in a place that's a.) cheaper b.) not in California and finally c.) a city! I plan on visiting soon, but from what I heard Austin has a lot of the same "feeling" that San Francisco does...minus bad weather year round. For this...I am BEYOND excited. The only part about this that saddens me is the extra distance away from family and Danielle. Chelsea will be moving with me, but Danielle and I will be far apart. Give and take. You win some, and you lose some. She'll just have to visit us (hint, hint Mrs. Hampton)! Also, Adie lady is looking into Austin AND my really great guy friend, Scott. This could be a really, really great thing for all of us and I can't wait to share it with them! I will not be moving to the lone star state until August or so and this could be a little premature, but I am excited and wanted to share! Have a great weekend!


.New Recipe!.

This little number is a must try and absolutely healthy, healthy and more healthy! Please forgive the camera strap, I am not the best photographer, but I figured you would get the picture (pun most definitely intended). Here's what you need:
1 Cup Quinoa
2 Shallots
Diced tomatoes (or roasted red peppers)
3 tbs RAW sliced almonds
A dash of olive oil
2.5 Cups of veggie broth
Feta Cheese
Any salad mix you prefer ( I use fresh baby
Balsamic vinaigrette
Salt, pepper to taste
Combine vegetable broth and quinoa into pan and bring to boil. Turn down heat and simmer COVERED for 10-15 min. Place quinoa mixture in the fridge for about 10 min or so to cool, combine rest of ingredients and place over salad mix. Then simply add the balsamic and voila! You have yourself a fresh, protein packed, animal free super salad! The mixture will also keep for a few days!
Other than cooking up a quinoa storm, school has started and I am off and running! I have such an intense reading schedule! One thing I am soooo excited about is my "history of the modern middle east" course. I have only attended one class, but I am already intrigued. There are so many misconceptions and misnomers regarding Islam, the Middle East and "terrorism" it's nice to finally hear, read and talk about the truth(or at least something closer to it). Other than that, Anthropology should keep me busy with zoo trips, human bone structure analysis and way too long Latin name memorization. I'm not so stoked on the zoo, to be honest monkeys have always "freaked me out". To have to go and specifically spend time with my closest non-human relative is not at all appealing; something about them just gives me goosebumps...yuck. Ever since I was little I always thought that out of all the animals in the zoo....the monkeys looked like they knew a way out. Not okay.
Alright off to read read read. Goodnight!



I haven't written a word for several days. Although it has bothered me slightly I honestly have really had nothing to say. My life is a midst the interim from vacation to life and my mind is hanging somewhere in that balance. I'm here and I'm not. I'm all about ignoring life and watching "A Very Long Engagement" over and over. There is some good news...

My fantastic friend, Chelsea is visiting from San Francisco this weekend and I'm hoping she can help jump start my brain! I am in desperate need of a conversation that does not include anything anthropologie or the fact that we need to buy a new couch. Also seeing a familiar and friendly face will make Santa Barbara a little bit more appealing for a weekend. I've been hiding from this town and avoiding contact for awhile so seeing her and having a friend here will be tremendous. I keep having dreams about returning with her to San Francisco and I have to be honest...I would pack up right this minute and go "home". I miss my city with it's bums and bars. I miss walking 12 blocks to muni and the house coffee from Cole Valley Cafe. I miss the tenderloin and 3 a.m pizza. I miss Golden Era's sweet and sour "chicken", The "wario" from Ike's and the make your mouth dry peanuts from Hemlock. I miss Casanova, indian summers and even Villains freezing cold steel floor. I even miss all the memories I ran from that had assaulted my heart on each corner. In short I miss it all.
Santa Barbara, if at all possible, could you have at least something worth missing? Thank you and sincerely, Amber Joy.


.Back to Real Life.

I made such a yummy/healthy lunch today! It is a really quick and fat free dish. It includes fresh baby spinach, brown rice pasta and cherry heirloom tomatoes all topped with a balsamic vinaigrette. It really pairs wonderfully with the weather in the central valley today! I also have a soyrizo split pea soup slow cooking in my new crock pot for dinner! I am feeling very accomplished today.
The only thing bumming me out today is that I am not near my family and Danielle, they would really complete my mood.
While back home Danielle and I spent a wonderful 3 hrs sitting in her car just talking about every aspect of life. She means so much to me. Most of my life all of my girlfriends have never been that great and spent most of their time competing with me rather than enjoying our friendship. I honestly just spent most of my time with my guy friends, but as I've gotten older I have come to really appreciate my ladies. I have two very, very important girls, Danielle and Chelsea, who have really changed my life for the better. Even though I have moved far away from both of them, I still think about them and appreciate them each day.
I have spent a good part of the beginning of 2010 analyzing 2009 and appreciating all those important people.. I have come to the conclusion that 2009 was a year of breaking away and even though it hurt to leave behind special things, I know that 2010 is about finding my place. I've devised my dream and now I'm going to live it. So, here's to dreams, fresh food and friends.


.Please Excuse.

My pajamas and entirely too low quality photo! A friend of mine bought this little book for me and I am SO excited to read it. When school is in session I have a TON of required reading being a History major. So, I can not wait to read something entirely for pleasure and spend some quality time with Bob! Thank you Lance!

Other than enjoyable reading material..I am leaving Prescott way too soon. Good things always come to an end. I will be back "home" in Santa Barbara on Friday and back to work on Saturday. I checked online and Anthropologie has a lot of fun new things in, so I can not wait to get back to work and try it all on! I do not start school until the 25th and this semester's schedule is really intense. I have no idea what I was thinking. Between two History courses, anthropology(the class, not store), geography + lab, and political science....I am going to be a busy, busy lady. I am so excited.


.I survived 2009.

This is indeed an accomplishment because over the course of the year I have: lived in 3 different places, adopted a dog, came out of a three year slump and started school, lost friends, made friends and made huge mistakes that I have learned and lived through. All of these things I am extremely proud of but, I really would love 2010 to be a year of slowing down, settling in and building instead of breaking down. Although, I do see another big move within 2010, but if it does happen it will be amazing. Anyone been to Texas recently? Just a little hint there.

At midnight on New Years Eve I was pretty much sober, surrounded by friends and really happy....but somehow by 2 am....I was obliterated and spent all of the 1st the sickest I have ever been. However I did this deserves some sort of shit storm award. Either way I am judging my year by how it started out..which was wonderful and entertaining. A good friend, Erin came up to spend it with me and it was really great to have her around. Overall I am excited for what this new year of life holds for me. I just hope it isn't a reflection of my entire night and will not end in absolute chaos.