I haven't written a word for several days. Although it has bothered me slightly I honestly have really had nothing to say. My life is a midst the interim from vacation to life and my mind is hanging somewhere in that balance. I'm here and I'm not. I'm all about ignoring life and watching "A Very Long Engagement" over and over. There is some good news...

My fantastic friend, Chelsea is visiting from San Francisco this weekend and I'm hoping she can help jump start my brain! I am in desperate need of a conversation that does not include anything anthropologie or the fact that we need to buy a new couch. Also seeing a familiar and friendly face will make Santa Barbara a little bit more appealing for a weekend. I've been hiding from this town and avoiding contact for awhile so seeing her and having a friend here will be tremendous. I keep having dreams about returning with her to San Francisco and I have to be honest...I would pack up right this minute and go "home". I miss my city with it's bums and bars. I miss walking 12 blocks to muni and the house coffee from Cole Valley Cafe. I miss the tenderloin and 3 a.m pizza. I miss Golden Era's sweet and sour "chicken", The "wario" from Ike's and the make your mouth dry peanuts from Hemlock. I miss Casanova, indian summers and even Villains freezing cold steel floor. I even miss all the memories I ran from that had assaulted my heart on each corner. In short I miss it all.
Santa Barbara, if at all possible, could you have at least something worth missing? Thank you and sincerely, Amber Joy.


  1. alot of people miss there hometowns thats why they always come back. alot of people cant leave it. others can leave and never return. its the way we are there are things well miss but we love it where we are. life is funny that way were never completly satisified

  2. Reading this blog was very enlightening! I feel the same way at the moment, i'm so stuck in a rut with my life and i have grown very bored with it.
    I decided that i am going to spend all year saving to head to America in December to live for 12 months =) I think the change in scenery will do a world of good! Am so glad to come across your blog, it's very cute! I'm going to follow you,
    Feel free to stop by my blog if you would like
    I have just started the whole blogging thing and so glad i did, it's great!
    Lady G xx

  3. Thank you ladies! Have a wonderful day!