.Please Excuse.

My pajamas and entirely too low quality photo! A friend of mine bought this little book for me and I am SO excited to read it. When school is in session I have a TON of required reading being a History major. So, I can not wait to read something entirely for pleasure and spend some quality time with Bob! Thank you Lance!

Other than enjoyable reading material..I am leaving Prescott way too soon. Good things always come to an end. I will be back "home" in Santa Barbara on Friday and back to work on Saturday. I checked online and Anthropologie has a lot of fun new things in, so I can not wait to get back to work and try it all on! I do not start school until the 25th and this semester's schedule is really intense. I have no idea what I was thinking. Between two History courses, anthropology(the class, not store), geography + lab, and political science....I am going to be a busy, busy lady. I am so excited.


  1. I love cuddling up with a new book. Good luck with all those classes. I'd be pulling my hair out. I envy you though, I really want to get back to school.

  2. lots of new stuff at anthro! have you seen our 60% off stuff for january yet?

    also, jealous of your book!

  3. No I have not see the 60% list yet! I am so excited! So far the book is really good. I would suggest it to any die hard Bob fan :)