Hello all! I cannot believe it's already almost February! Life really has taken a few turns and things have gotten super busy! Here is a short update on my week so far!

 I had been eying this chair at my store here is Austin, crossing my fingers that it wouldn't sell until it had been marked down enough! Well, my positive thoughts were rewarded...I have a new desk chair!!
                                                           I also made a ridiculously good pizza.

This week, I have also started a nanny job that I am so very excited about! It'll be nice to take a bit of a break from retail a few days a week! Other then that it is business as usual....sleep, eat, school, work and study! Have a good week everyone!! <3


    My vacation is officially over. I am sitting at the Phoenix airport ready to depart to Austin and reality. I am excited to see Lily, but so incredibly sad to say goodbye to the fam. Christmas, my birthday and New Years were all really great! I can't believe it's over, 2012 and that I am 25! CRAZY.
    At the moment I don't exactly have a seat on the flight I am at the gate for, despite paying for it...how does that make sense? U.S Airways hasn't been that great. I am missing Southwest! Also, the Starbucks gal told me she couldn't use my Starbucks reusable cup due to, "sanitary reasons"....WHAT!? Isn't that why you buy the stupid thing? People are nutty....just real nutty sometimes. 
     My mom and I went on a walk this afternoon and she brought up the difference from me in SF to me in Austin. I can feel it too, but it was still great to hear it from someone else. I have become so much more relaxed and less agitated....I am happier.  I still get anxious and antsy...that won't ever go away I don't think, but I have an overall calm about me these days. I believe I can attribute that to a few BIG changes in my life..#1 being ....no more SF rat race. I love that city...I always will, but it can run you ragged and aid in a loss of what should "really" matter in life....just "being" and not "doing".

     I am so happy to be starting out this year on the right foot. Here is to 2012! Happy New Year! <3