Today was not exactly what I had expected due to an unexpected hospital visit. There was no cake, no celebration and definitely not even a dinner. It could have been one of the worst birthdays, BUT I was lucky enough to spend the last little bit of the day with baby Henry and his lovely mama. They really saved my day and I couldn't be more grateful.
Things have been pretty tough lately with family issues and friend issues weighing me down, down, down. I have tried to stay really positive, but sometimes I just give in and admit that what I am going through is indeed tough and it's ok to cry about it. Losing people is never fun especially when it's family and friends whom you've trusted for ten years. Every now and then I wish I could go back in time, not to change anything no no, but just to relive it. I wish I could go back and have my grandma rub my arm and read me a story all over again. I wish I could hear her laugh and whistle her way through whatever mundane task was at hand. I sure am going to miss her.