.Fix My Head.

Lately I've been greeted in the morning with an absolute splitting headache! I guess it would be categorized officially as a migraine. It gets so bad I don't even want to breathe! I just lay there with a bag of ice at the back of my neck trying not to puke from the pain. The only fix is caffeine. Which is great except the overdosing on coffee leads straight to anxiety town. What a disaster I am! Trading one demon for another. They only last about 2 hrs though..which is not so bad in the scheme of things.
Today has been a good one so far, I started out with coffee and Fargo and now I'm having lunch with a sandwich and The Big Lebowski. It's beautiful outside and I couldn't ask for a better headache free afternoon! Work is also going really well and that is such a weight off my shoulders! Austin is looking up and looking great!


  1. Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog, now following! Hope your migraines stop soon!
    x Beth

  2. Argh, I have had those headaches before...I usually get them when I have too much stress going on in my life (too busy...even with good stress!)
    I just found your blog and Im following you and added your button to my blog as well!

  3. i used to get migranes real bad to.eventualy youll stop haveing them so often.i still get them off and on but not often