.Thanksgiving You a Hard Time.

Thanksgiving was an interesting celebration here at 315. It started out mimosa lovely, somewhere in the middle a serious feminist argument gone wrong and ended on a wonderful espresso concoction. I baked a pumpkin pie and my all time favorite green been casserole, and room mate is still expecting money for god knows what. Paying to eat dinner at my own home where I contributed 2 dishes...she is bizarre. She is also the one who screamed at her best friend's boyfriend about how being attached to a penis is a crime....a hate crime...or something. I wasn't really listening, but I can tell you sociologists argue on the side of "who the fuck cares" whenever they can or can't for that matter. He yelled back, bless his heart, entirely in vain about refusing to stay here or some shit, he felt "judged"...poor guy. I laughed, drank espresso and bummed a cancer stick off of some passerby, while this poor man was shamed into apologizing for his gender. Funny.

Other than that, Finals in a week and then I believe Ms. Lily and I will be riding with Adie back home for Christmas! I am so excited for the road trip and the fact that we will finally be home at exactly the same time! Christmas is going to be great this year, I can just feel it. Over that break I will also be turning 23...23...I'm not sure this is what I had planned for myself at 23...but it is what it is.