.Is that it?.

It all seems too easy, walking away and never looking back. Why is that? I walk away from just about everything in my life from homes, to locations and even hobbies are left behind and paid no mind. Sometimes I look back and wonder, "hmm...if I had not dropped violin after 5 years...would I be playing Mozart each night instead of writing about the civil war?" If I had kept up running, could I be doing major marathons without breaking a sweat? If I had stuck with fashion design...if I had changed my major to merchandising..if I had taken that job in southern California 2 years ago...what if, what if, what if. I guess I may never know and it's entirely frivolous to focus on things like this, but how intriguing to think about the paths I've chosen. I am in this place, right now, right here because of choices I've been making over the past 22 years...almost 23. I don't feel regret, just awe. Life is amazing, I wouldn't want to miss a minute. I am grateful for everyone, everything and every pain I've ever experienced, because it got me here.
Speaking of choices I have chosen to ignore a certain 5 page paper due on Monday, and it wouldn't seem so bad but, I have a gigantic final on Monday too! Oops. Decisions, decisions and more decisions.


  1. That's the thing about life....we get one shot at it- there are no dress rehearsals! The hard thing is that with every choice there is always a million other choices or paths we could have taken. I think I heard it best when someone said there is no control group for life to see how it could have turned out if I had taken the other road. Everything IS ok. I really like that!
    You sound very grounded for someone 22...almost 23. I didn't know half of what you do when I was that age.

  2. Thank you! I have only recently become a grounded person and I am so glad it's starting to show!
    I love that quote about the control group...I'm so happy that life is a series of different outcomes!