Bob and Stuff.

I finally hung the best purchase I have made in awhile! I am extremely thrilled and my room feels about 100x's more me! Another wonderful thing is that I will be driving down to LA to meet with a really good friend of mine to carpool to Prescott! I am so excited and Adie will finally get the chance to meet with Lily.!. I can just feel it deep in my stomach that this winter break will be leaps and bounds better than last years. I am making a serious effort to do things completely the opposite this time around. I will NOT touch an ounce of Jaeger on my birthday, I will not be drunk dialing a soul, I will not care about anything but what is in front of me, and it will be wonderfully wonderful!
Speaking of Lily, she has gained some new bad habits that I am having the hardest time breaking! She learned to bump my elbow with her nose while I'm eating...a very obnoxious form of begging and she has learned this new move where she jumps up and then launches herself off of her victim's stomach! This wouldn't be so horrible if she wasn't 60 lbs!! We have currently been new roomie searching here at 315 and one of the potential persons was greeted by a super Lily ninja move and I was absolutely mortified. PS. she's a total sexist and only does this to men.
I can not wait for Christmas in Arizona! I am so excited!

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