.Until We Meet Again.

During my days in San Francisco my best friend and I would try to visit this amazing tea house as often as we could. Leland Tea is a very local spot, not on the tourist radar and run by a wonderful man named Will and his mother. Will always had some sort of lovely desert, scone or tea he was concocting and would never take a no answer when insisting on a taste test.
My last week in town my old manager Morgan, Chelsea and I visited Leland for my last time as a Bay area resident and lovely Will made me my very own "good-bye" blend. I just made myself the first cup and like everything else he has created, it is really wonderful and full of beautiful memories.
During the summer Chelsea and I also had the chance to take our Moms to Leland for a tea party of sorts! If you get the chance, it is a really, really great place...but don't tell everybody...it's the best kept secret!
Today is a gloomy and rainy day here in Santa Barbara, but it is a really great hiatus from the usual sunshine and warmth. Also, the perfect weather for the gigantic final I just took!
Alright, off to enjoy my tea and memories!

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