.Not Quite How I Saw It.

Sitting in the airport on my way home. I absolutely cannot wait to see little Lily!

The trip was not exactly how I planned it, but I enjoyed it either way. Being home amongst family and friends made everything worth while. I even proved to myself this trip what 9 months can do for a person, dries those feelings right up. I'm definitely not the same person I was in December of last year, thank my lack of god. Although, I must be honest, I didn't walk away completely unscathed. I don't think you could call me human if I had. Now it's back to school for the last 2.5 weeks and focusing on not only what is important, but what is certain. I am certainly ready for what is certain.

Disappointment is unpleasant, but the sun still came up and life never stops. There are no time-outs, no passes and never a re-do, but that's OK with me now. Everything is OK.

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