.13 Days.

Definitely a weird, wide eyed picture, but that is my new favorite winter time accessory! I work at Anthropologie and 40% off that little number really made my season! Although, I believe it will mostly come in handy while visiting Prescott, where I will be (as seen above) in 13 days!
I have to admit that as I write this I am completely stressing out, I have a paper due on Sunday night at 12 a.m, that I just cannot for the life of me get into. It is in regards to Glaspell's play Trifles, and the assignment is to compare it to gender justice in a modern day movie. That's not all, she also gave us an article doing just that, comparing it to Legally Blonde, as well as two other articles that mostly harp on the idea of feminism in literature. These articles are to be our only sources. First of all I seem to be drawing a blank on movies and in my humble opinion I really don't find the characters in Trifles to be all that inspiring in regards to women's rights. They keep a secret from their husbands on behalf of a friend.....SO. I do that everyday, and women have done that for each other for centuries, it wasn't what got us out of the kitchen. In reality, of all the triumphs for the fairer sex, with holding information from men doesn't strike me as revolutionary...as I said we've done it for centuries. I also have another question, why do women in literature and film always have to be straddled with feminism? Don't get me wrong now, I see myself as independent and in no way do I need a man to guide me through life, but I also don't feel it necessary to label myself. So ladies, why are we so quick to slap on the feminist cause to each of our fictional females, when most of the time, they really don't deserve it? and how on earth am I going to support that notion through 6 pages?!?

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  1. It is so cute! I would be in such trouble if I had 40% off there. :)