.Wearing More, Wearing Out.

Look at me in a scarf and cardigan! I normally hate colder weather, but this year I was looking forward to it! I have a feeling this is as cold as it gets here too, so not to much to dread as far as winter goes!
It's been a long week, midterms are on the horizon, as well as my huge research paper. Beyond school and homework last week had an interesting surprise, a good friend of mine decided that holding out wasn't appealing anymore. I had come to this conclusion many moons ago, but it is a relief that he is now on the same page. We have known each other long enough that the conversation was just like normal, a really comforting thing; and to know that he is alive and as well as can be is a huge weight off my shoulders.
People come and go, and sometimes they go and then return.
This weekend I am surprising another friend, no details, but it should be amazing!
On the home front, everything has calmed down, threatening neighbor and her scary sniper boyfriend, have moved. The cheating room mate has been buying me cupcakes and offering beer as a means of peace, but I'm still cynical. Work has been good, anthro is a really hard on the wallet, but a great place to work so far.
On that note I am off to the library for some one on one time with Anne Boleyn, wish me luck on developing this thesis!


  1. Please tell me you're surprising me by coming here. Please?

  2. I wish I was, I will be there soon enough!

  3. It's good to hear that things have mellowed for you! :)