.You Look Good to Me.

Today was a good day, I accomplished a lot! I still have a thesis to narrow down, 12 page paper to compose and a midterm next week, but I feel good! I am back to my old/real self a little rough around the edges, a little untrusting and extremely self sufficient. I feel happier, I feel like me again! I feel so much better saying good-bye to that "walk all over me" saccharine, sickening sweetness. Not the best point of view I'm sure, but with this crazy lot I've been blessed with, it's the best I can do.
I'm back into the swing of things catching up on homework and eliminating unnecessary time wasters. It still would be nice to have at least one person here in SB that I felt comfortable around, but I'm not letting it get me down. Who needs friends when you've got...midterms?
Danielle, the bargain hunter, found tickets for $48 one way! It would be amazing to have her positive outlook around for a few days; maybe she can help me to desire to be nice again!
Alright blog-land back to reading and writing! Good night


  1. hi! been following your blog for a little bit...found you from danielle. anyway, glad to see things are looking up! sorry about your drama roommates! lame :(

  2. Thank you! I refuse to let it get to me anymore! Thanks for reading!

  3. I WANT TO BE THERE! Hopefully I will be soon. I love you tons ROO!

  4. I want you here too!! The weather is still so warm, I wish I had just a little Prescott fall breeze!