.Lessons From Lillian.

    Lily is a mere two years old (14 in dog years), but she has taught me so many things since I've known her. I rescued her about a year and half ago and she was not in the best of shape. She had some serious immune issues and was scared of just about anything and everything, but you'd never know that now! She has so much personality and wins everyone over with her crazy antics and over the top love. She keeps me totally grounded and gets me out of the house no matter what! I love her craziness so much I thought I'd share her and her approach in life here on until tomorrow, enjoy!

 1.  When someone is asking you to do something you may not exactly want/need to do...run around in insane circles until they laugh so hard it doesn't matter that you've officially blown them off.

2. If someone just stands there and stares at you with a certain level of fear..bark at them. Why not just finish off what they've clearly started?

3.Treats > meals.

4.  You don't need to touch someone in order to wake them up. All you really have to do is get about 4 in. from their face and stare and stare and STARE. Power of the mind.

5.  Whenever a loved one comes through the door get excited, howl, and dance in circles, because nothing is sweeter then being home with family.

Next week we tackle moving.


  1. it's so lovely :)



  2. You're right, she is a genius!

  3. I got my own little scarredy catdog in the house. And I can totally relate to this and the love you share for the girl. Boots has taught me so much in the year that I had her. It's amazing what they can teach us about love, affection and pure happiness.


  4. Love that Lillian, and I love learning from our animals. They really know how to live! Love you girl

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