.Anthropologie Uncovered.

    One area of Anthro's apparel that sometimes goes overlooked and is sometimes misunderstood is their Lounge wear. I may be a little partial to it seeing as how in my store I am the "specialist" and have free range to merchandise my little room of lovely items, but I really do get behind the product. I always get the question of, "can you wear this out, or is it meant for sleeping?". The way I try to explain it goes as follows: we call it lounge just because it is a little more unstructured and less detailed then the regular apparel in the store, the fabrics are softer and are mostly cotton, but are definitely meant to be worn out! Some are sheer and do need something layered underneath, but the store carries the most beautiful slips and I have made them a staple in my own wardrobe! My main reason for writing this is the upcoming weather and particularly in Austin, SXSW. These chemises are PERFECT for running around town, going to shows and keeping cool in this weather (the pricepoint doesn't hurt either!). Here are some of my favorite pieces right now!

This one I actually just purchased and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I always get really wonderful compliments on it too, but it is pretty much sold out!

  This little chemise is so sweet, but definitely needs something layered underneath!

   I am so excited for this romper to hit stores! It will be perfect for SXSW and definitely a central Texas summer must have!

                                                                                   Happy lounge shopping!


  1. Anthro is amazing! Their magazines always inspire me...I just wish they weren't so darn expensive!

  2. i don't own a romper, but i want to own that one.

  3. I love Anthro lounge. I used to work at the Anthropologie at the Grove in Los Angeles, and then at Fashion Valley in San Diego. Whenever people came in looking for something more on a budget I would always bring them to the lounge room and help them pick out a cute little dress. I actually have a couple of lounge dresses that I wear out and about. This post made me miss my Anthro discount! Tears....