.Life in Austin.

    I love this town. I love this town and I love this town. I have done a lot of outdoorsy type explorations lately, which is very outside my comfort zone , and I have really loved it. Lily and I have made friends with a gal and two schnauzers and the good times are never ending! We all have been going down to the green belt once a week and have truly enjoyed walking the trails and playing around in the aquifer fed pools! So fun!
All is well and good in Austin, but I do have one concern....South By Southwest. What are we getting ourselves into? Everyone at work has their time requested off and everyone who doesn't is just DREADING it all together. I had an idea that it would make the j-o-b a little t-o-u-g-h-e-r, but apparently I'm not seeing the "big picture"....and I'm nervous. As you may or may not know, I work at the Anthropologie here in downtown Austin and it's a big one. We tend to get a ton of locals and repeat customers, which I like, but the impending onslaught of out of towners and newbies is worrisome! Maybe I should create fliers with my "Guide to Retail" from back in November? Oh well it's only a week, right?
    One celebration I am excited about is Texas Independence Day. How great is that day going to be? Being a Texan is a way of life and once you go Texan you can't go back. I can't imagine what an entire day set aside to celebrating that choice is going to be like! I'm sure it will boil down to the two big "B's"..... beer and bbq, but regardless there ain't nothin' wrong with that ya'll! Next paycheck I am buying a camera, so be prepared for an onslaught of photos from the Lone Star state!


  1. SXSW is fucking crazy... you'll see. I've never had to wait so long to get a cab before. But at least I got to meet Bill Murray.