.Who Let You Out of Your Tower?!.

       I have a story that really isn't a first or new for me, but ultimately was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. I believe it was a Thursday night and all was as it should be good friends, good drinks and overall good times. The bar was closing and everyone started to head for the door. Everyone including yours truly. I was wearing a fun outfit which included a black skirt, not a take me home now skirt, but a I could meet your mom in this skirt, skirt. As I am walking I feel a rather uncomfortable sensation...someone or something has just grabbed my skirt/what's underneathe it. As I turn to find out what exactly was happening I see him/it/ew that has just committed this act, quasi-god damn it-modo.
    Everyone reading this has just thought, SO? This happens all the time. Unattractive men grab ass. I know this, but here is where my situation is extreme....this is ALL I ever get. Mildly attractive men will buy drinks or something for the group I'm with and most likely will end up talking with one of the other girls. While I will more then likely be groped or attacked by some monster who wants to know if I've had a threesome recently, if I'd like to or if I am feeling a sudden urge to give the "girls" a breath of fresh air. Or better yet if I know that I look just like Jennifer Love Hewitt and que a re-enactment of some box office flop that I've never seen. Why me, Quasi? Why me? I do in fact realize that Quasimodo had a good heart and was a victim, but ultimately Quasi was friend zoned and the girl got her knight. Why am I stuck in the ground hog day of Notre Dame? Someone put these men back in their tower. This girl has had enough.



  1. Haha! I loved this. It made me giggle, then feel bad for giggling. You deserve so much more than a Quasimodo butt grab, girlfriend.

  2. Oh dear! I punched a man in the face at a gig once because he was stood behind me and he kept grabbing my ass and then pretending it was an accident. I'd never hit anyone before, and I realise it's not the smartest way to deal with a situation, but the funny thing was, it worked! Prick. Hm, not very ladylike though...perhaps jamming a rape alarm in his ear next time might be a more modern solution to this age-old problem? Wait, you're allowed to carry pepper spray in the States, aren't you? Bingo! Ass-grabbers beware!

  3. That is the worst feeling! Such a creep for doing that to you.

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  5. While I have much sympathy for the real Quasimodo, I appreciate your turn of phrase. Very clever. :) I enjoy your blog. I can totally relate to your experiences with men, too. My favorite experience was when a seemingly cool guy was talking to me at a bar, and in the middle of the conversation said, "I've got to be honest, I would really like to see your naked body." What!? But don't worry. You'll find a good guy, just probably not at a bar.

  6. This post made me laugh, its hilariously-funny. I just hope that it was meant to be, otherwise i apologise! :)


  7. Well, you've just described a normal day for a person who uses our public transportation system! Hahaha...
    Honey, your time will come. I love your blog, and I find you very beautiful, inside and out...
    So will your knight. ;)
    Have a lovely day!

  8. i hope you slapped him or something. im sorry no man attractive or not has the right to touch a woman like that without her permission same for a woman doing that to a man. ok i can see if your dateing the person or married but not a complete stranger. if a cute guy does that to you even hes not a good guy.youll find a good guy just not at a bar i dont think