.Week Two.

These past two days have been amazingly hot and muggy. I've spent a majority of my time at the dog beach running Lilly around and trying to cool off.
We had our first room mate heated exchange last night, or at the least the first for me at the 315 domicile. I stayed as far out of it as I could, only replying as oppose to stating any concerns. I've had some awful room mates in the past, and when I say awful...I mean AWFUL. I've seen everything from heroine needles left all over my bathroom (don't even get me started on my lack spoons) to my room mate moving in his girlfriend and her baby while I was away in Arizona. Those are just two of the major situations but I've had the whole unauthorized eating of the food, missing clothing and late night drunks. One room mate wold always stumble home and forget to lock the door behind her, which resulted in a strange man standing in my room watching me sleep. I learned from all of these misfortunes, I've learned to let the little things go. Living with people isn't really that easy, but picking your battles is!
On another note, today I really miss San Francisco the people,the food and even the dirty tenderloin. I miss having my best friend a little over a block away and our epic walks we used to take. I miss not having to feel like the new kid on the block, and knowing my way around. I really feel like a burden here, and that my room mate feels obligated to entertain me or something. I'm sure it's all in my head, but today I started to second guess my choice to live here. This feeling will pass though I'm sure, just have to give it some time.
Tomorrow starts the school week and I'm excited for it!
Good night!

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