.Back to the Beginning.

This is my little Lilly, she is a rescue mutt I was able to adopt this summer. Here she is doing what the rest of us wish we could have done through the last few days. I am all the way back in Arizona trying to recoup before round 2 next Friday. Also later today I will be calling to argue with Expedia AGAIN, adding to my bad karma.

Onto other things, not any better, but other things! Have you ever found that the things in life that hurt the worst, last for a long time? You wear your friends out, talking and venting over and over. Pretty soon, you can't even bring yourself to let it out anymore, you keep it trapped and it just hurts like hell. The Internet has become a serious agitator of these situations, I know this from personal experience. Information is overly accessible, people just put it out there, everything you want to know but, shouldn't. You know the answers you'll hear already, "let it go", "it's been to long", "there's someone out there for everyone"...blah blah! I am not really a believer in the term "soul mate", I'm a little negative on the matter...I'm not afraid to say it! I appreciate positivity, but I really appreciate someone who can say "well, you know what %^&% it, it isn't working"!

What a mish mosh this little entry is, but that's about how I feel right now. I'm feeling just about everything and that's life, love it or leave it.