.First day.

I had a terrible time waking up and leaving this morning. It was due mostly to a certain someone who all but demanded a ride at 1:30 am. I will let that go, for now, but a discussion is definitely to be had sometime this evening in regards to boundaries.
My first class back at school today was Western Civilization. First days are always rules and expectations, but I'm really excited for this class. I am not sure if I've written this, I am a History major. Every time I say that at least one person pipes up and states their hatred for history with all of it's names, numbers and memorization. I find memorizing dates and names relatively simple and actually really enjoy all the reading involved. I am mostly fascinated with ancient civilizations, my favorite being Greece. I probably romanticize the eras but, it will forever intrigue me.
Tomorrow is U.S History which will alternate with Western Civ until Friday, then it's Italian. I also have two online courses Art History (I've taken a MILLION of these I swear) and English 111.
My school campus is right on the beach, which sounds great in theory, but when you're walking by it to class with no time to stop, it loses its charm . It was so beautiful today, warm and sunny I wanted to stop and make a sand castle on the way to the book store. No such luck, books were required, sand castle had to wait.
I've recently, in my boredom, started watching Lost,I am on season 2 about to start 3 and thoroughly confused. I am definitely addicted, but man do they throw in a ton of plot twists that have zero solutions. I will keep watching if only for Sawyer and his stupid one liners and horrible nicknames, I like him. By the way, If you have Netflix you can watch all 6 seasons on "watch it now". If you don't have Netflix, you should, it's definitely worth every penny.
Alright off to season 3.

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