.Never Quite Goes as Planned.

Just as I had feared my poor little car couldn't make it all the way across the desert. She started acting strangely, feeling over heated. We had to pull over every 10 mi to make sure she didn't explode, or something.

After doing this many, many times we arrived in the "lovely" town of Indio, California and proceeded to limp into the local Firestone Auto repair (bad, bad AVOID). They claimed it was "no, big deal" two hours max until the little beast was back in business and well on her way to the coast! Well, 4 hours later I was handed the keys. Drove the little lady 8 miles and she heated right back up just as before. I called my new "friends" back at Firestone and had to turn right back around after some pretty horrible excuses. After many tears, and much arguing the guy in charge was not about to try to be accomodating. We explained the loss of a hotel, the ignornace, inconvenience and inabilities of his staff to no avail.

That's not even the whole story, but I am tired and this Best Western is not the place or time.

So, if you think of it cross your fingers for this family stuck in Indio, tired, and puffy eyed trying their best to get to Santa Barbara.

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