.You've got your make-up on and you're not coming back.

Here I sit in my new room in Santa Barbara, surrounded by earthly belongings thrown about and one sleepy little puppy dog. Unfortunately I was unable to find a place that would take my whole family, which includes my cat, Axl. I am very sad at this moment to not have his little body trying so desperately to sleep on the computer. He gets to stay with my parents back in Arizona in a very stable, cat friendly and happy environment. I still can't help myself from hoping I will be lucky enough to one day have all my lovely creatures in one home again.

I have to admit, I am very scared to drive here, all these round abouts and freeways! UGH, I have a lot to figure out before school starts in little over a week.

The drive today went as smooth as it could possibly go, and I am SO thankful! My wonderful parents always go over the top to make me feel comfortable with new furniture, curtains and they even took me grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, I feel spoiled! I appreciate them so much and no matter how many times it has and will happen I can't help but cry when they leave.

I am feeling very content with my new future, but worried about how to navigate it. Updates soon to follow!


  1. ah how awful...poor kitty.
    Parents rock, what would we do without them hey?

  2. wishing you all the best, all sounds very exciting xxx

  3. Yes poor kitty, but we will re unite I'm sure!
    Yes! very excited! Thank you!