.Buonasera! Chiamo Amber. Come va?.

Today was Italian 1 and it was a nightmare. I have avoided foreign language classes for exactly the reason that happened today. My professor briefly went over the alphabet, towns and geography and then BAM I'm trying to role play a full blown conversation while she only speaks to me in Italian...no English. Needless to say, I was completely lost and felt absolutely stupid that I couldn't understand anything. Most people in the class had taken or spoke Spanish, another romance language, so they could at least translate enough to answer. Me on the other hand....no habla espanol, stupid Yankee. There was one phrase that I really nailed down though, " non capisco"..."I don't understand". Pretty good for my first day trying to roll my tongue and speak with a fast moving little woman from Pisa. Benissimo!

I'm going to listen to some study Cds, do assignments in my workbook, get ahead in the text and cross my fingers that next week isn't quite so demeaning.


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  1. It will get easier, I swear. Then when we're in Italy this summer you will totally be able to talk to everyone! <3