.Can't Be Wise and in Love at the Same Time.

Just returned from my interview, my GROUP interview. Those are definitely not my favorite, I find that I have a harder time putting my thoughts together when everyone else is trying to voice their own. Crossing my fingers that I'm just being overly critical and didn't really blither my little way through it all.
Other than the interview, I've been a beach bum, and unfortunately have gotten a bit of a tan. I take my italian skin out and this is what it does to me. Going to the visit the ocean so much I feel as if I am on vacation with the beach, sun, and perpetual BBQs. I feel like soon I should be packing up and heading back into the fog and wind of San Francisco. It really has been a huge departure from anything I've experienced before, I don't even have a desk, I do most of my homework on the beach! I feel very lucky to live in a place where I feel on as if I'm on constant holiday.
Lilly (puppy pictured) adores her new surroundings as well, she's made quite a few friends and absolutely loves the ocean. She also gets alot of attention for being as cute as she is, I'm quite the gloating owner. She is a mutt though, and I am constantly questioned on what she is, always with a follow up of "well, she must be a beagle". She is no such thing, she weighs about 50lbs at only 5 months, that'd be quite the Beagle. Due to persistent questions and "know it alls" I've quested to find a likely breed to bestow upon little Lilly. One stood out in particular, Treeing Walker Coonhound, apparently they are often mistaken for over sized Beagles (PERFECT!). So, now I have an answer that doesn't include BEAGLE, seems like a small victory, but I feel that it's going to make the meet and greet process much easier.
Alright, the day must continue on, I have some reading to do for U.S History, my favorite class :) !
So Long!

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