Last night I "ragged" my hair. It was really easy and the results have lasted pretty well so far. My stick straight hair tends to really bother me, and curling iron curls don't hold. So far ragging wins as the best method for keeping the look all day.
Speaking of last night, I had a horrible dream! Someone told me that they just "didn't care" about something that mattered/matters to me a great deal. It completely threw off my day, I spent so much time in my head I absolutely failed my Italian test. Sure, sure part of it was, I really don't understand Italian yet, but not being able to focus sure didn't help.
Besides the Italian failure, today was alright, it was incredibly foggy which felt so comforting and familiar. It was really beautiful, so the beach was the only option for the afternoon. It was enjoyable and calm, minus the absolutely horrific sight of a mauled seal on the beach, but I wasn't about to let a little shark action ruin my walk. I had that stupid dream to decipher. After the seal my beach, reached conclusion I arrived at is: maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but life goes on and on and on, there's no choice but to keep going.
I have left and come back to this post 3 times! First the beach, then trader joe's, then pet co...I told you I couldn't focus. I look WAY to far into dreams, I always have. But I feel they really do in fact mean something, maybe not in the future telling sense, but it has to be something that I need to deal with, otherwise why would my subconscious bring it up? I don't even think I ate anything today besides a handful of cheez-its....yeah no...coffee and cheez, GROSS!
Alright I'm officially going to get out of my head and actually function.


  1. ragging, I'm telling you the women of the past had it all figured out!

  2. I was intrigued by this post. I YouTubed few tutorials. Tonight - i ragged my hair. LOVE IT!

    I tired those velcro rollers a few times and it was a nightmare. This is really great. Thanks for the idea. I never heard of ragging before!

    PS - Hope you passed that Italian test!

  3. Yay! I'm glad you tried it, it's amazing!
    I still don't know the outcome of my Italian test, crossing my fingers it isn't as bad as I fear!

  4. I absolutely HATE when dreams (or things that happen the night before) ruin the next day.

    This tends to happen to me often, as I usally dream really weird vivid dreams, and it sucks.

    Especially when it screws up school.

  5. cute hair. how did u do that? i remember back in high school your hair was soo short

  6. Heather, just youtube the tutorial! It's sooo easy!