."Good" Morning.

These past few days have been unreal, absolutely unbelievable. I wrote in the previous entry that I was being blamed for something I didn't do, I failed to mention that one of my room mates, was not so blameless. SHE, not me, had been sleeping with the neighbor boy behind behind my finger pointing "friend" from the previous entries back.
On Wednesday of last week, my neighbor tried to confront me, and ended up apologizing profusely once I had shown her e-mail evidence of my innocence (annoying), but the neighbor boy let me take the fall(bastard, he gets worse). Well, later that day other room mate (I have two) the guilty one decides to come clean, for whatever reason. She asks the neighbor to meet her in a nearby park and she tells her everything. Neighbor comes home a mess, me and my other room mate go over to be supportive, but of course had to tell her that we had known, my roomie obviously knew longer then me. BLAH BLAH. Anyway, fast forward to last night....my room mate (not guilty one, we shall call her B)..B's car battery died and a sweet gentlemen had arrived with jumper cables, neighbor and her cheater ex are in her house, and their cars are blocking in my room mates, she goes over to ask them to move their cars, and hell breaks loose. Neighbor flies off the handle, screaming at us through our window, we follow her to her house concerned, she had obviously cracked. She starts threatening B, says she's going to kill her, calls us "evil whore bitches, who live with the devil", I tell B to go home because I was truly scared for her. She walks home and I'm left with the woman scorned, trying to calm her down...thought strikes me, "the root of the issue is sitting inside the house, where is he?". I proceed to ask her where "E" is, she points inside, I fling open the front door and low and behold...he is straight LOUNGING on the couch, arms propping up his head, legs outstretched, comfy as a cat. I was in shock, there he is..the cheater in person, who ruined my week, let me take the fall for something I didnt do, just LOUNGING. SO, I call him out, ask him why he isn't helping, I get the deer in the headlights look, and me being an unfortunate angry crier, run home in angry tears yelling "I just fucking moved here". Becca is waiting for me in our back yard and we go inside, lock the door, Neighbor girl comes running over POUNDS on the door, yelling profanities and threats galore, room mate who fucked the boy calls the cops. Cops appear, find out he's ex military and ask if they have guns, which they do. They cleared the whole block, ran us down to another street, proceed to arrest her on a felony charge, and guess who has to give a statement?!? ME. HORRIBLE, so since its a felony charge, her bail is around $50,000 and as far as I know, she's still in there. Other neighbor from across our alley walkes by our windows this morning and yells loudly "E, you should've told me, I'd love to beat a white chicks ass". And, just this second the police called and said she posted bail, she's coming home, ten feet from my door, and I didn't do a damn thing. Please tell me everything is going to be ok.


  1. Holy crazy drama!!! I feel for you! I've been in a sort of similar situation & it was crazy ugly. I'll spare you the yucky details but I know how that feels & I'm really sorry for you!
    I hope that things calm down & you get some peace.
    Sucks that you just moved there...but things can only get better, right???
    Chin up!
    Oh, Danielle said that you can't read my blog.
    If you want to, she has my email. I just need yours to invite you...

  2. The other neighbors refused to move their cars so that we could get my room mates out to jump it, they said that they "dont help rats". I'd like to think that it'll get better, but this is not my doing, and it wont go away.

  3. I'm so sorry! That's ridiculous!

  4. oh by the way! My email is amberjoyh@gmail.com!