. Life of the Search Party.

I'm the docs, and my sweet best friend belongs to the mice. I miss her very much. I miss her very much especially when people are rude, because she never really is.
I am, or can be if provoked, but I do try to not be the initiator of cold behavior. But, when people have conversations on facebook in regards to me or my dog and think I won't see it, or maybe trying to be passive aggressive really pushes my buttons.
Someone PLEASE tell me that one day I will have respectable room mates who aren't condescending, rude,selfish, dirty or drug addicts! I had such high hopes for when I moved in, but the demands have become absurd, and the attitude disturbing. I have done NOTHING to warrant the condescending behavior, how could I have, I just bloody moved in! Maybe my youth is deceiving? 22 and easily stomped on? Hmm. I guess I could be more abrupt, but it takes a lot of energy to be so confrontational all the time. I guess I feel that I have better things to do. But, living with someone who clearly doesn't have anything better to do, really is putting me in quite the position.
OK, I feel better, as I said before these situations really make me miss my best friends, Chelsea in San Francisco too. At least when my room mates were insane in SF I had her a block away to run to and eat ice cream and vent/laugh about the insanity awaiting me at home!
On a lighter note, school is going really well, classes are great! I've really been keeping my procrastinating personality in check, which is doing me a great service!
P.S someone lend me $8,000 so I can study abroad in Cambridge?
Off to the Farmer's Market!


  1. i HATE roommates
    and how could anyone ever say anything about your adorable pup!! rudeness.

  2. on facebook too....annoying, bad behavior! I also overheard a conversation they had about her when they thought I wasn't home. I've only lived here for a month! NOT a good start.yuck.

  3. some people are horrid. why would someone want to hurt a dog because there mad/jealous of you.you know i bet that's why you cant get many female friend there jealous of you. your very beautiful from the pics iv seen on this blog of you.life is a bitch is all i can say but it gets better off and on and the it goes down hill again. you just got to live for the ups in life and forget about the downs. its a rollercoaster of good and bad and lets just hope the good goes a long way