.What Remains to be Seen.

I've been going through a lot lately. I refuse to really talk about what's going on in my head with anyone really. I also will never post such things on a public forum such as this, but admitting to being stuck in my head reminds me to get out of it I suppose. That's mighty cryptic of me, I know. Life has really changed in the past two weeks and I am trying to adjust accordingly. I find this aspect difficult. I appreciate the newness, but I can't seem to adjust to it.
I feel as though a lot of important things/people are leaving. One way or another. That's enough of that. It brings tears to my eyes.
On a more positive note, Texas is slowly starting to sink in. I am moving...again. I will have lived in San Francisco, Prescott, Santa Barbara and now Austin all in the span of a year. I feel insane. Probably appear that way a little too...and here I am writing about having a hard time adjusting to change while I continually choose it.
I miss being a kid.


  1. It's reassuring to know i'm not the only one feeling this way. I have been facing this intense anxiety lately that i am not doing enough with my life/myself. It gets very tiring sometimes! But i know everyone has their moments, with the amount of people in the world there has to be at least a thousand other people out there feeling the same thing!
    By the way,your tattoo looks amazing! I saw it on Danielle's blog. I have never been too sure about thigh tattoos, but they do look totally fantastic!

  2. Being young should be easier, I think! It's so interesting how at such a young/transitional age here we are worrying about our WHOLE LIVES! Eeek!
    Thank you for the tattoo compliment, maybe I'll post the whole thing at some later date.

  3. wow that's an elaborate tattoo for a first tattoo! Is it traditional? it looks nice .. hm maybe i will get a thigh tattoo. why did you move to Austin?

  4. I totally agree with you. I'm 25 and I feel so behind my peers and rushed to make my final decision on what I am to do with the rest of my life. I miss being young and going where ever and doing whatever with time still to think about the future. I hope this helps you to not feel so alone. I'm Dorian and a new follower!

  5. Welcome Dorian!
    I do feel better, thank you for your input!! xoxox