.End of an Era.

That's me on one of the most fun days that I've ever spent with myself. I was left to my own devices in a town with a lot of weird memories and after several intense conversations. My remedy to clear my brain consisted of malt beer and dancing down the streets.

I learned a lot about myself over the weekend and finally began recognizing wonderful qualities in someone I can absolutely call a friend from now on. He removed the blindfold I had placed over my eyes many years ago and to finally see everything for what it really is was difficult, but necessary.
At the moment I am in my hometown visiting family and relaxing. Danielle will be over at 7 p.m to pick me up and we are on our way to Phoenix for my tattoo appointment tomorrow! First one and I am super excited about the whole thing. The appointment is coming at a pivotal point in my "growing up" process and I am so happy that it will commemorate this time for me. I still have a lot to learn and the meaning behind the tattoo is hopeful and contains a lot of elements that are important to me.
It's the end of an era and time to stop putting energy into what happened in times past and start looking forward.

<3 A.Joy


  1. well i hope you get a cool tatoo and dont regret it when you get older

  2. <3 <3 <3 I am so happy for you! In every way :)